Jan 20, 2017

What's your favorite Chronograph?

Currently, I'm loving the Junkers Bauhaus. Would be a dream to me if it were mechanical. Still willing to compromise for the aesthetic, and because the automatic movement Junkers uses is pretty loud. Which Chronograph watches are you coveting these days?


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My Omega GSOTM on a custom brown gator strap by Aaron Bespoke. The dial and ceramic change through the day. And the crystal sandwich makes for interesting viewing on both sides..
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I can’t say I disagree :)
Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
Still on my honeymoon with my vintage Baume & Mercier chronograph but my best chrono right now is the Cal. 17 Jack Heuer Edition. When you wind this baby is buttery, so flawless and for me, a lot of caracter.
That...is quite a pretty watch.
Thanks sir.
There are two I truly love. The Alpina 130 Pilot Heritage, and the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris chronograph world time.



My first and absolute favorite Chronograph! I've owned it for 12 years now and it runs flawlessly!

My grail chrono is the Tudor BB... unbeatable ;)
Unfortunately it is not not mine yet :(
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There are 3 standard straps for this watch. You can choose :)

Beautiful piece.
I just added a Tissot PRS516 to my collection and am thoroughly enjoying it.
The Junkers is a real looker. I too like a loud movement! I wonder if anyone has ranked models/movements on this.

I love the look of the Speedmasters and the Sinn chronos. More in my price range would be the Bulova Lunar Pilot. If only they'd make it smaller.
My current favorite is this unique Tissot T-Trend Quadrato powered by a Valjoux 7750. The dial work is gorgeous, and the case and bracelet finishing are impeccable.

I am very partial, though, to this Daniel JeanRichard retro style chronograph. It's powered by a caliber DJR 25, which is an ETA 2824-2 with a Dubois Depraz DD 2020 chronograph module. A significant break from the ubiquitous 7750 family. In spite of being a base movement with module, it's smaller in diameter and thinner than the chunky 7750.

I like Sinn 956, its a classic with a reserve meter. German watch at its best
I own a few high end chronographs but lately have really been enjoying our own Szanto Desert Sands chronograph.
Recently acquired this Primus Racer from Hanhart who are well known for their stopwatches.
As it was the first watch I bought with my first paycheck, It has to be the Omega Geneve Chronostop
Wow - which wrist do you wear this on? What made you choose to have the faceplate turned 90 degrees from usual orientation?
I have many... but wearing this one at the moment: Sinn 900 Flieger