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What's your favorite Chronograph?

Currently, I'm loving the Junkers Bauhaus. Would be a dream to me if it were mechanical. Still willing to compromise for the aesthetic, and because the automatic movement Junkers uses is pretty loud. Which Chronograph watches are you coveting these days?


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Asking which Chronograph I covet or like the most is like asking a parent which kid they like the most. To be honest it’s a hard question to answer because a majority of my collection happens to be Chronographs but as of right now my top 3 are my Tag Heuer Monaco, my Hanhart Admiral , and finally my Angelus Ref 215.

And like a good parent, you didn't choose one child. Though if you did have a favorite child your secret would be safe on Massdrop.
Bought this in Vienna.....one of my all time favorite.
Gorgeous :)
I’m not too good with camera, here’s one of my fav chrono watch and am surprised no one mentioned it so far.... the Ebel 1911 Panda...
Hadn't even heard of Ebel until now. Thanks for noting it!
I absolutely love the zenith El-Primero.
My favourite chronograph is my Glycine SST12 Curono. Three timezones, day window and a chronograph, all the functions that I need the most.
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That's unfortunate. If it was dropped here I'll scoop one up. Both the Glycine Stratoforte and the Altus chronographs are beautiful. I'm not sure whether they still make those or not.
Your best bet would be ebay new old -stock as those chronographs IIRC were discontinued
For the very similar Bauhaus design watch, I’d recommend Junghans Maxbill Chronoscope for slightly more sophisticated look.
Yes - that is a remarkable watch.
how much this watch costs or sellings? thanks...
I gave my Seiko Flightmaster a photoshoot when I first got it.
Cheetah background to match :)

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What lens did you use for these shots? Looks great!
I used the Canon 100mm 2.8 IS L