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Handheld gaming console build?

Hi, just wondering if it's possible to make your own handheld console? I don't mean anything that uses a Raspberry Pi, but something that I can install actually Ram Cards on. Like at least 8Gb. I have some rough knowledge of sodering. I don't know programing and I don't plan to make an emulator, but I may know a few people who may be able to help me. I doubt they will do more than 10% of the work for without a deposit or something like that. To be short I'm a college student, I wish to do thi primarily as a personal project to see if it can be done.
I don't personally care for making it as thin as a 3DS. Im just looking looking for something portable enough to be considered handheld with the ability for primarily external storage of save files and internal storage of of game files if that makes sense? Like a psp or ps vita. Probably closer to the vita.
  1. I appreciate the help, but please don't just tell me I need to learn to code the operating system for it. I've tried some tutorials that start from basically scratch to teach complete amateurs at programming like myself and it's way over my head. I don't mind sodering the hardware at all though. And the tutorials were not run of the milk YouTube tutorials for when I tried to learn programing.
Also since this is the internet please be respectful.

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That's actually why I was considering the Linux version. Just confirmed my thoughts. I'll go for the Linux then.
Glad I could help.
I understand actually, it would be to bulky fire handheld and is not there wouldn't be proper circulation fir a cooling system. It would basically be a small laptop with thumb sticks, D pad, and action buttons at this rate. However buying another vita from overseas(as it's barely serving here in the states) and taking it apart and messing with some of the internal components is an option for this, just not currently for cash reasons. Of course when it comes to a final proto type it would need to be from scratch. But it may be more trouble than its currently worth. It's just a personal project though.
Sorry fir my long winded reply. Just I understand it's not worth the effort in sourcing parts that may have to be made custom by a corporation that probably wouldn't sell to a person looking to do this as a personal project first to see if it's worth the effort later.
you could use a raspberry pi with picade or another pi emulator, but you wouldn't be able to really add ram its pretty easy, just look up PiGRRL
Thank you. I appreciate your response, but I'm actually trying to avoid using the Raspberry Pi, fir the reason of RAM. I'm seeking something more along the lines of a Psvita, but not exactly. I actually wanted a slightly bigger version with the graphics processing more closely related to a laptop, just more compact. As well as decent RAM and storage. I planned on, asking other changes as well.
I still appreciate your response. And dont mind decreasing the Ram capacity. Also the storage does not have to mimic a laptop. Just be able to store a little extra.
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