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Glycine Airman No 1 "Purist" on a BluShark NATO One shot from over the weekend in back of a cab and one from today. The good: like the vintage look, potential strap monster w/ 20mm lugs, better than expected power reserve, bidirectional bezel, I enjoy the 24 hour timekeeping of the Purist model The bad: Feels cheap, not worth the MSRP or the price paid here on MD, IMO. The strap was junk. Loud rotor. When hand winding there is little to no resistance. Very mixed feelings on this one. The Glycine Combat 6 watches I own both punch way above their weight and feel quality at the price point, and this one is quite the opposite. I've long wanted an Airman but the lug to lug on all their other models is beyond anything I like wearing. This may be a case of "never meet your heroes."
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"the bad's" are bang on. On a side note, Ive never really paid attention to the hand winding on my Airman 18.....but after reading ur post, i hand winded my Airman and couldnt tell if I was manually winding my watch at all. Kinda tragic, cause the Airman was my gateway into the watch world.
It's a classic design and it's shame Glycine doesn't put a little more into it. I also have a hard time understanding why they have 25 different models of the same watch.
Perhaps it will grow on me? I like the size, and the 24 hour time keeping of the Purist model I opted for is really enjoyable for something different.