Nov 13, 2018365 views
Ducky One 2 TKL with Cherry MX Brown switches, DSA Dolch key caps, 0.4mm o-rings. Wanted something that is (relatively) easy and light-ish to take with me when I travel.
Jose Zilli, Shadow, and 5 others

I rather have a num pad however I absolutely love the color combo you've gone with.
Yeah, I prefer full-size keyboards as well, just wanted something that fits into my laptop bag to take with me. :)
If so I recommend getting a external Numpad.
i travel with a full size because i love having a numpad just that much
I keep telling myself I should get a little 75% board... and then realize I’m using my numpad again.
Reminds me of SA portland. Love this board. I would've personally used a 60% for travelling, but if you can fit this then I don't see any issues. Did you buy the red enter key and arrow keys separately or were they included in the set?
Came as extras! Love me some color accents.