Jan 21, 2017110 views

Don't need gear if there is no place to use it

"Metcalfe (Black Diamond) and Chouinard’s (Patagonia) criticism reflect growing concerns by their industry and outdoor enthusiasts, such as hunters, over what they see as public land grabs by state politicians who want to open up more of that land to oil and gas development. Such a move would limit or eliminate public access for recreation, disrupt wildlife and pose threats to air and water quality."

Chouinard and Metcalfe aren't politicians. They own the companies that make gear that many people in the outdoor community use. An interest in sustaining natural ecosystems and wild space isn't a political issue, it is an issue that pertains to all humans. All beings on the planet really that need clean air and water to survive, but humans are the only ones "clever" enough to have the ability to comment on the internet.
Meh, hyperbolic titles. Article only discusses Utah. Are we really going to do politics here? Included me out. I