Nov 16, 2018

Parka Coat Fox Fur


I wouldn't wear the fugly coat if someone gave it to me...that being said..... PETA is nothing but a bunch of uneducated fruit loops....
Picture you wearing this coat, then picture me throwing a 1/2 gallon of (fake) blood on you while you're wearing it--nothing personal, you understand, just the traditional way of protesting the cruelty and suffering those foxes endured so you could look so fucking ignorant--I mean dapper!

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And how is that working? it seems so far that you do not help much to your cause, you should try to change your strategy to solve the problem. I already gave you a better idea than the one that you are currently trying, so if you really want to fulfill the purpose of your life I'll suggest you to do it; otherwise any other random pointless action that you might think will have a futile result.
You misunderstand; you are my cause.