Jan 22, 201790 views

Who here thinks that Massdrop should start a Drone Community

There are so many YouTube channels that do drone review videos, and drone based content in general. There is a huge community of racers that build there drones from the ground up. I believe that Massdrop could help make the community bigger by bringing this hobby to a wider audience. DIY drones have tons of customizable parts and components that I could imagine will create a really nice community.
MaximumMark, Amesz Grinan, and 2 others

Would be awesome. As long as it includes Multirotor (micro, racing etc)!!!
I add my vote! The drone universe is so extensive and progressively getting more popular that it certainly deserves its' own dedicated community.
I lkie the idea of expanding the RC Cars section
I agree. I would like to see more parts upgrades and drone building kits. The Tech section is not cutting it.
Yea, RC Cars should be opened up to just simply Remote Controlled.
If Massdrop is going w/ the /subdrop style of doing things, it only makes sense to continue this style of having overarching communities with subdrops that better categorize that sub community.
Instead of just drones, why not a broader RC community for model planes, cars, and more? might attract more interest than drones alone. EDIT: Just saw that there already is an RC community which includes drones. might want to start there, friend!
I agree! Planes and all other RC (boats!) would be great! I just bought a starter plane, and it is a whole different experience than flying drones. I know I will be moving up the chain in the coming months. They have a great start with the RC cars, so this would just be an expansion of an already successful community. Drones should be moved under that umbrella as well, because it is not served well by the Tech community.