Nov 18, 2018

HELP!! Audio technica ath-s200bt

Hey guys, This is my first time posting, I had the audio technica ath-s200bt wireless headphones and unfortunately my 6 year old little brother knocked them off the table and the headband bit that extends the size broke, the inside part and I can now see the wire but it works as normal. I don't really have a large budget so I was wondering if anyone knew how I could fix it (super glue is out because 1. its plastic and 2. it just snaps in the same place whenever I pull them apart to put them on) or any other suggestions (that can be obtained in Australia or shipped here) for relatively cheap wireless headphones that good? Thank so much in advance!

Man, that really sucks. Try contacting Audio Technica directly; they may be sympathetic to your situation and offer you a deal. I'd suggest hitting the parts market but I'm really not sure how that works in Australia (I'm located in USA) Best of luck to you man.