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Post Your Setup!

Show off your pride and join with a pic and make sure to post details, I want to know all the juicy info.

my monitor is a samsung 21.5 inch monitor and my keyboard is a corsair k65 rgb with vortex shine-through keycaps and a rgb modifier set. My mousepad and mouse are in need of replacement so we won't worry about those. My microphone is a audio-technica at2020+ which I used to stream, my pc has a FX8370 octo core processor and a gtx 950 which will be upgraded to a rx 480 soon. My headset is the limited edition massdrop x seinnheiser PC37X gaming headset.
But the best part of my setup is my mcdonalds buttermilk chicken sandwich so tasty.
any who make sure to post your setup id love to see them :3 now I know my setup isn't the greatest but let it be a catalyst for better setups to move to the spotlight!

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Lenovo U530
KRK Rokit 5's
Audio Technica AT2020(xlr)
Presonus Audiobox USB
Native Instruments Maschine MK2
M-Audio Oxygen 49
Audio Technica M40x
Technics SL-220

loving the synthesizer
With the most recent addition of the LSR30X thanks to massdrop!
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where did you get that lamp???
its from a company called Lumen
old pic
current, DARK but here's mine :)
me likey
CODE 87-Key w/Cherry MX Clears
Mionix Avior SK Mouse
Audeze LCD-2 Headphones
JRiver Media Center 20

1. Rig GTX 1070
2. Audio technica at2020 usb+
3. Gaming chair
4. 2 Mouse pad
5. Cable management
6. i7 7700K
7. Corsair H115
8. Monitor X34A
9. Audio technica ATH M50x
10. Dualshock 4 dan cable
11. Razer Mamba
12. Table
14. Bluetooth adaptor
16. Adaptor mic for ipad
17. LaMetric Time
18. Wiring and Extention
20. Mi Yeelight RGB Smart Bulb
21. Smart Plug WIFI
22. Carpet
23. SHURE SE535
25. AudioEngine A2+
26. IKEA DAGOTTO foot rest
27. Green plant
some items deleted bcoz not in set up
Can you get me the specs on that green plant 😁
I have an iMac 5k with a WASD Code fullsize keyboard with cherry MX blue switches, and a Logitech MX Master mouse. The iMac's specs are an Intel Core i7 6700K (4.0 GHz), 24 GB of RAM (1867 MHz), a 512 GB SSD, and an AMD Radeon M395X 4GB graphics card.

Connected to the iMac 5k is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, a pair of Yamaha HS5 monitors and pair of Bose QC15 headphones for listening and tracking. Not in the picture is my Blue Microphones Baby Bottle mic, an Apple Magic Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad. Software wise I use Avid's Sibelius, Steinberg's Dorico and Apple's Logic Pro X for music composition and recording.

I also have an iPad Mini 2, 64 GB, and when not using it as an iPad I have it connected to one of my computers through Duet Display to serve as a touchscreen display or a MacBook Pro 2016 style Touch Bar.

Now to address some things:

1) Yes, I know a lot of people hate macs. I personally like them enough to believe the cost is justified, and some of the software I prefer (such as Logic Pro X) is exclusive to macOS.

2) Sorry for the poor lighting in the image. I couldn't make it any brighter in this part of my room.

3) I understand the cable management's bad. If anyone has any tips to make cable management easier, would you mind telling me in the comments?

Intel i7 6700k CPU, Corsair H110i GTX AIO cooler, Gigabyte Z170x-Gaming 7 mobo, EVGA 1080 FTW GPU, 16GB Corsair Vengence LED ram, Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD, WD black 4TB HDD, EVGA Supernova G2 750 watt PSU, NZXT Hue+ lighting, Cable Mod black and white sleeved cables, Phanteks Enthoo Luxe (tempered glass edition) case, Acer Predator X34 monitor, Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard with mx brown switches, Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum mouse, Logitech Z623 speakers, Corsair Void headphones.
Oh and matching coasters, cant forget coasters! :3
i5 4690k, gtx 970-100me, 8 gigabytes ram, 24in gateway and 21in viewsonic monitors, swan m10 2.1 speaker system routed through optical fed schiit modi 2 uber DAC, audio switch panel to schiit magni 2 uber and jds labs custon o2 headphone amps, headphones(hung under right table): audiotechnica m50, beyerdynamic dt250, phillips fidellio x2, and beyerdynamic dt990 pro 250ohms. logitech g710+ keyboard, logitech g502 wieghted gaming mouse, and E-blue gaming chair.
My Happy Place

Chassis: InWin 303
Behind the hood:
i5 3470k, AsRock Z77 Extreme 4, GTX 1080, 16gb Corsair Vengeance RAM, 128gb Samsung 840, 500gb Samsung 850 evo, Custom Sleeved PSU Cables with Corsair aomething something 650 PSU, Custom Waterloop, NZXT Hue+.

Monitor: Dell u3415w
Speakers; JBL LSR305's (thank you Massdrop)
Microphone: Samson C01u Pro
Peripherals: Strafe RGB MX Silent, Razer Mamba 2012

I think that pretty much covers everything.
Speaker stands are on the way. Please don't mind the ghetto risers I got going on there.

Okay so I'll start from left to right, the first monitor im not too sure, but it's a 24" 1920x1080p Dell monitor that I found in a recycling bin along with an identical one. the middle one is a 27" 2560x1440p 10-bit Dell monitor and the third one is identical which I also found in a recycling bin (All work perfectly normal). The middle keyboard is a corsair rgb k70 rapid fire. under the middle monitor is a scarlet 2i2 which my audio technica at2035 on a Rode PSA1 is connected to. The second keyboard is a 2014 razer black widow ultimate stealth (which I use mostly for macros while streaming). My headphones are the audio technica ATH-M20x. My pc is running an Asus p8z77-v thunderbolt mobo, 32gb of ddr3 ram, a evga GTX Titan X sc, 850w psu, 2 2tb hdd's and an i7-3770k All inside a cooler master HAF-X. I do plan on upgrading my pc within the coming months.
Case - Corsair Carbide Series Air 540
Processor - Intel i7 5820k
Cpu Cooler - Corsair H100i v2
Motherboard - Asus ROG Rampage V Extreme
Ram - Corsair Dominator Platinum 32gb's
Psu - Corsair Rmx Series 1000W
Video Card - Gigabyte Gtx 980ti Extreme Gaming OC Edition
Ssd - Samsung 850 pro 256 gb
Hard drive - WD black 1tb
Keyboard - Corsair k95 RGB
Mouse - Corsair M65

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Thank you! I wish I would've gotten one of the new asus motherboards though, they have rgb led's all over
that would be almost silly at that point