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Movement watches?

I have recently been looking at movement watches online and question the quality. Does anyone have experience with their quality and customer service? Please share.
Thank you

I second StainlessOnly, Seiko or Orient are great in the price point. The Seiko SKX007 (or SKX009) has nice automatic movemnt, good build and rich history. Amazon usually has them from about 200$
Got one myself...currently on a red perlon strap
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Thanks StainlessOnly... got a nice grey/black Bond nato strap for it too!
Should post some shots under "Wrist Check" man
I'd steer clear of them also. For what I am seeing price wise online, in the $150 price range, you have so many better options to choose from.
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Seiko and Orient are terrific watches for the money, and MD has them often. Tissot also makes some nice watches in that range, and the Swatch System 51 irony.
They're far from accurate if that matters to you
garbage watches, save your money.
Thank you
Preach it Brother