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What's your favorite watch brand ?

What watch brand do you like the most ?
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I tend to march to the beat of a different drummer--I'm my own man, and I'm never influenced by the whims and dictums of others--I am in INDIVIDUALIST! Therefore, I boldly say, without hesitation--I chose Seiko as my favorite brand and I don't care what anybody else says about it! Wait a minute--it looks like EVERYBODY ELSE already chose Seiko! Well if that don't beat all...
Love all my fancy watches; but my favorite have to be Seiko. They are beautifully crafted and take a beating.
Also concur with the Seiko assessment. Even though I love my micros, Seiko always has a place on my wrist.
Seiko for the win.
Different answers for different reasons. I’d have to say that Seiko as a whole offers a timepiece for almost any budget, and that watch will in all likelihood be one of the best in its class. For this, I have a large amount of respect for the brand. Again though, there are a few favs, this just being one of them. And you? Favs....?
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Swatch is unique, and that "uniqueness" in their watches is what makes Swatch the brand it is. But most of all, it comes at an affordable price.
Indeed..... I still own and wear several of my Swatch Watches from the 84/85 collections, as well as several in between. They truthfully get more wrist time in the week than most others, including my big boy watches. cheers friend