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Most bare bones Proxmate-Netflix posible

Hello folks!
Let me introduce you to the world of a Netflix user in Austria:
You get just a fraction of the full pallet of Movies, and the serieses on Netflix AT are pretty old already or Netflix Originals. There is a rather simple solution to that:
Proxmate or Smartflix or somthing along those lines.

My problem:
I want to watch Netflix in my livingroom, where no PC is present. So my first thought was
"Getting a Raspberry Pi3 and installing Chrome/Firefox/Opera with the Proxmate plugin"
Well that didnt work as intented. Couldnt get the plugin to work and i also couldnt get netflix to work on any linux distro i tried on the Pi3
I also tried it with a Amazon Fire TV Stick and a VPN, but Netflix somehow blocked them..
Building a HTPC is super overkill in many ways because I litterally only want to get U.S.-Netflix on my TV and nothing else.

My question now is:
How can i get Netflix to run @1080p/60fps in Firefox/Chrome/Opera with the proxmate plugin or using the Smartflix client with the most barebones device possible.
Can someone here help me with that?
my budget would be up to ~ 200€

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