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JDS Labs Atom, O2 Killer?

I have been noticeing some posts on the new JDS Labs Atom it looks very compelling to me. I was just about to get myself the MD O2 becouse I got $20 in credit, but then I saw this reveiw Is the Objective 2 still worth it?

I broke down and ordered the Atom Yesterday I am really looking forward to hearing the difference from my Micca Origen plus.
The atom appears to be something really special. I have been following audiosciencereview for a few months now, and those measurements are really something. Proof of good engineering. That is what you are buying. Arguably you don't "need" such good noise/distortion numbers, at or below the threshold of audibility. Amir, the main guy at audioscience, himself uses the Topping Dx3 Pro as his main DAC/amp. This is with all the stuff he has at his disposal. Its numbers aren't quite as good, but he likes that it is a one-piece unit rather than a stack, and has convenience features, and is small and cute. You see what I'm getting at? The O2 was designed to prove that you can make a competent, class-leading amp with $30-40 worth of parts. And it was. Even now, it holds its own, but is uses older parts. If it was me, I would chose the Atom in a heartbeat. State of the f'Art and all. Just know that you would probably not hear that much difference, if at all, especially at normal listening levels.
Depends on what you're trying to drive with it. O2 works well, but won't fully drive high impedance cans. Based on the specs it appears that the Atom will. I haven't heard the Atom for comparison though.
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Adding to my reply...what is really impressive about the Atom is that its distortion number into low impedance (32 ohms) are better than most other amps into 300 ohms. By an order of magnitude (at 30 ohms). If I used say a 50 ohm headphone, this would seal the deal for me.
I think I will just order the atom then because I do not see the atom being on a drop anytime soon because it is too new. And I do have a couple 35 ohm headphones like the Audio Technica msr7 that would really benefit from the low distortion levels on the atom. I then might just usey Micca origen plus as a portable unit for my laptop and phone
The Objective 2 is still an extremely good amp in price/performance. Better measurements do not a better sound make. Also, different rigs measure things very differently. Wait for other reviews before jumping on that Atom train. (also, it really pays to learn more about audio measurements and search what other people have measured to see how results compare)
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I can see why you would say all of this but unfortunately your conclusions incorrect. There is nothing inconsistent in my measurements. Head-fi and SBAF were given newly revised units that fixed some of the bugs I found in the design of Yggdrasil in my first review. See all the detail and proof points here: All of this actually enticed Schiit to go back and design a proper DAC in the form of Schiit Modi 3. Lot of these protests have died down anyway as people see that I run the same test protocol across every device.
Well since you insist on defending youself, here you go: ^that's your own post and it literally makes no sense. If you only had a few hours to measure the other Yggy's, you can't draw any solid conclusions from your measurements. I know far, far less than you do about measurements, so I know that you know how difficult and tedious they can be. Yet you presented your findings as fact while disregarding literally everyone else's input (this last sentence is actually the part that bothers me the most). For those who want a quick read on how tedious DAC measurements are, here's how Atomicbob does his: Also, Amir, here is you literally saying that linearity measurements on your APx555 can't be used unless compensated (a critism you levied against Jude, who had actual Audio Precision engineers present during his run of measurements): Jude calling you out on Head-Fi: And before I forget, here is you LITERALLY saying you can pull rank on Jude and the Audio Precision engineers: Also, in your initial measurements of the Yggy, I don't see any FR or distortion plots (convenient exclusion?). Schiit's own measurements for those curious: Schiit's methodology and comments on the measurements they list on their site: Also, your comment above to defend yourself is pathetic. Schiit well-documents their revisions and updates (unlike Audeze; I love Audeze and their headphones [hell I own a LCD-3], but for some reason they aren't forthcoming of their changes) and changes to the revisions have not resulted in the kind of changes you're implying. Honestly dude, I gained a little respect for you due to some of your (not Topping) reviews that came after this whole mess. Some were truly well-written, thorough, and informative reads. But you've lost it again from me just now (not that my opinion here really matters). To anyone who actually stuck around and read this massive wall of text, I encourage you to get your own sources. Do not take any reviewer's (Jude, Tyll, Amir's, that random guy on the internet, especially my) word for it. Be resourceful, be independent. Even in this particular case with Amir, do not just click on the links we posted. Look up and see what he has to say. Look up and see what others have to say and form your own opinion.