Dec 1, 2018

Massdrop center in Europe

Living in Europe right now, i find it impossible to get anything shipped here without really big import duties and taxes adding up to a total that is just not worth it. For the past year or so, seems to be a new European directive (probably because of Chinese products) any shipment that enters Europe is subjected to new and really high taxes. As an example, i am interested to join the Sennheiser hd58x drop that ends in less than a day. The price is $149.99 but with the added taxes the total will be somewhat close to the retail price for the HD600 (which is close to $300.00). So, no go. My point is, aren't there enough European citizens that would benefit from the creation of a center in Europe so that products (at least those manufactured within Europe) can be shipped without added taxes? Are there enough people here that would want that? Is there something that can be done?
Tomislav Vidović and mark hoek

In which EU Country do you pay 150 USD sale tax and customs? Also in Sweden which still have one of highest sale tax it is till 100 Euro cheaper than the HD600.
In Greece. The cost of this ($164.99), after adding 24% VAT , an additional standard 2.5% import tax, plus the amount of €20 (min) fee the post office charges, amounts to a minimum of around €213... and that is if it gets sent and imported by regular postal services.... If it does NOT, and it ends up sent by courier services that do not do importing themselves but give it to custom officers to do that, then there will be an additional €50 - €60 fee for the officer ... at least... So, do the math and the € to $ conversion: best case scenario €213, worse is €270+... And in my country the HD 600 costs €269,00...