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Who should Massdrop Partner with for gaming?

Im sure most of you saw the PC37X headset which was Massdrop's first PC gaming product, I have personally tested the headset and can say it's very nice. With such a good headset dropping who do you think Massdrop should partner with for their next PC gaming product? They could partner with many people such as a keyboard company, a mouse company, even monitors. But what do you think cause I sure want more Massdrop gaming products.

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Corsair or Razer
Another vote for Logitech
Asus, Msi, Zotac, Gigabyte, and Acer to name a few
ASUS and Acer.
Razor not for quality, but I love the looks of the headphones and the vibration in some of there head phones as long as you can turn the vibration off
NZXT for some clean and classy designed gear.
Razer = Alienware for PC gamers, you're paying for the name of the product rather than the quality and capabilities. Team up with one of the up-and-comers with tested and reliable-rated products rather than the masses of the sheeple who are paying for products just because everyone else is...
Partner with NVIDIA or one of their board partners (ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, etc) to help us gamers get through the price hike of graphics cards due to crypto mining. (If you go through with this, just set a limit per user to prevent crypto miners taking this over too)
the prices have been stabilizing and have for a while, especially with the new RTX cards announced it shouldn't be hard to get MSRP for cards, and on top of that Massdrop has already been pretty responsive to the community's desire for graphics cards and has used their magical charisma to get us good deals on high end cards. That being said a Massdrop exclusive graphics card would be a sight to see.
Audio-Technica as they have 4 gaming headsets under their belt.
I've got to say Corsair, I've had great luck with their stuff. Their cases, power supplies and coolers are all I use in builds. I've also had pretty good luck with other items like keyboards and headsets. And when I've had issues their support has been tops.
Gaming monitors 21:9 G-sync SON!
I vote for Razor!! Especially if you can get a massdrop on any of the Razor Blade Series laptops. But I'd even settle for other razor products like their keyboards.
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God emperor massdrop ofc
Next Up; RGB Yo-Yo, then RGB Ripstick with a mechanical swivel.
Rado I can't afford their watches otherwise LOL
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Don't worry they probably still saw it.
Logitech is a good option especially since they recently bought Astro Gaming. Sennheiser is a good option since they make items that are dual platform. HyperX gaming too, but Razer makes some good stuff but there Headphones are cheap plastic and break.
Whoever is chosen at some point they need to have the ability to offer items for PC and Console. Since we don't need to ostracize a segment of gamers.
Bloody.com keyboards and mice are the fastest responding in the industry ( laser not mechanical switches) Otherwise sennheiser is the bomb!
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I use a bloody mouse. It's damn comfortable, very good for using (been using over a year, v7) and it's got a sleek design, not too fancy and not simplistic.
Definitely going to get one, just debating the B975 or lower model; this is definitely the way of the future for MOBA and fast-paced games, probably great for the likes of Diablo and Path of Exile too considering the importance of key-stroke registers and speed at which they're registered. Let's get a Drop going!!!!
Logitech, probably. Their mouse lineup is fantastic. The G502 is a legend (it even has its own subreddit), the G402 has been my daily driver for about 2 years and I have no complaints whatsoever. A MD-edition refresh of their older models would be a wet dream.
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I recently got the G602 and love it.
The G602 is my favourite mouse from Logitech. I recently upgraded to the G900, but that mouse is plagued with so many issues with connectivity and battery charging that I ended up returning it and going back to the G602.
Razer, they make the best stuff.
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Disgruntle ex employee hahahaha
I know this is unlikely, but go with something broader than just a hand-ful of partners, but if you choose a few partners Intel or AMD would be nice. Make those mass drops of I7s or ryzen processors be "dirt cheap" for the .5 seconds there would be stock of it for.
for cases, a collab with phanteks or in-win. something premium with tempered glass.