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What is 'endgame'?

In many places in the MK community, whether it be on Reddit, GeekHack, Deskthority, or here on MD, you hear this term 'endgame'.
I saw what seems to be to me a fitting meme- the scene from the matrix with the statement that has entered the consciousness 'there is no spoon' being replaced with 'there is no endgame'. (I can't find the GIF right now, unfortunately)
For me, personally, I just like to experiment and create and collect- so I don't even know what an 'endgame' keyboard would look like that would squash that desire for the process, rather than a physical item.
So I guess my questions is- what is endgame to you? Or is it just something that you'll know when you see it? And why is it your endgame?
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I think Ive come to the conclusion that "end game" is when I run out of money.
Or space. Space is what is getting me...
Ugh, yeah, I'm getting there too lol.
I am THIS close to having my current endgame.. just gotta pick up the keeb from my mom's
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it's real tempting to go there right now but it's nearly an hour from my place and I have to go there Monday anyway... sdfhsgsetgfesg
Update: I'm now going Sunday instead. Hyped!
Endgame is when you stop buying or looking. If you keep looking you will never be complacent
This is mine.


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SA Carbon
Thanks, had no idea that the rolling bones set existed
Tastes change, but atm my endgame is a Topre Realforce 87u with BKE heavy domes and KBDFans sliders in the Norbaforce housing with galaxy console powder coat with Amazing Chocolatier caps. I've gotten ahold of everything, just waiting on the Norbaforce. Endgame+ will be a matching Realforce 23u.
Glad you posted something regarding end game! I do have similar questions for all the MK lovers out there.
Agree with @LatrFlex and I do think end game will take some time to "complete" if it ever will :p I tend to get pretty greedy myself :p Layout - probably the most important - I love 60% but sometimes I crave those arrow keys - so a keyboard 64-71 keys layout would be it. Switches - probably really important - really digging the BOX Thick Clicks right now. BOX Navy in particular. Aesthetics + Quality - keycaps, case (material, weight, etc), artisans, cable, LEDs - Huge artisan fan here, don't know if I will ever have an end game for Artisans. Would definitely want a cohesive theme for these.
Never ending criteria for an end-game keyboard for me, perhaps it will change, perhaps it won't.
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If their anything like the Jade they are pretty loud, but much deeper sounding than a blue.
@XiK ever looked at and/or considered a DZ64 build? 60% size with the option to include arrow keys, provided you can sacrifice right Shift and a few keys right of the Space bar
End-game shoud be every single thing you wanted accomplished: - Favorite switch - Favorite layout, either by size, programability or typing layout - Favorite Case, by Color, material or inclination - Favorite lighting or no lighting at all!) - Favorite keycap, by material, color or profileyou want - Favorite cable, color, lenght, coil - Favorite artisan
All these little things make your board your own.
Once my daily driver keyset is complete, I'll probably back off of buying keys for a while.
Currently the top row is going to be replaced completely with the Sweet Tooth set. I also need to find some red and blue keys for the bottom row (either custom prints from WASD or something equivalent).
I do intend to eventually pick up another GMMK-TKL and one of the full keysets as my work keyboard.
My keyboards are pretty much the way I like them. I collect keycaps because I like how folks take the time to make something other wise invisibly utilitarian worth paying attention to. So I don't think I'm going to see endgame on my collection so long as folks keep making sets I think are worth keeping.
Endgame = Topre all 45 silent keyboard.
Empty Wallet?
I'm about to reach my current endgame which is the K-Type with Laser. Just gotta wait for that Laser delivery. After that, I dunno. I'm sure something else will catch my eye.
Edit: I forgot that I've been trying to get a birb cap from keymaker.space for ages, which would be my artisan endgame, and also that I need to find a cable that I like to match laser.
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It's not a store like that, they just become available when he feels like making some
Sold the K-Type so my current goal is to get the pink clear case ducky one to put Laser on. I'm using a GMMK with box pale blues which I really like.
Most emotional mech keyboard thread ever
Endgame is finding a raiding guild for my lvl 15 Hunter. Also, all the communities you named are where you go to become stupid or kiss someone's ass.
End game for humanity is human centipede of likes and upvotes.
Like destiny?
I'm still waiting for a deck that connects to a neural implant.
I've learned that my endgame today is not necessarily my endgame tomorrow.
Hahaha! Thank you, this sentence is perfect.
Endgame = when you get tired of playing
There is no endgame. Only more boards.
My personal endgame is an attractive tritium keycap (not just a single tube of tritium).
I have a wireless and a wired keyboard, a color-shifting spacebar, a custom wrist rest, the PBT doubleshot keycaps I want, and a separate numpad to go on the left side. What I want to finish it off is a nice keycap that glows in the dark. Maybe even a vantablack background for it. Maybe some tritium dots against vanta?
Your post made me believe satan is real. I never even knew I wanted half of that till now.
I have the separate numpad now! Waiting on some "landscape" artisans (some off taobao, some from jellykey), and still have yet to hear anything about consumer vantablack unfortunately
endgame is called being satisfied with what you got :^) I mean, you can sell your old boards for new ones, but unless you have new place for each board, you realize you can't use more than 1 board at once. Unless well, you're like ergodox but with 2 fullsize or something :/
I'm just trying find/build my "perfect" keyboard. I'm thinking it's going to involve a custom case for my Ergodox, and a few other bits.
Once I figure it out, though, I wanna make a laptop with my keyboard built-in. Yeah, I know that's crazy and probably won't actually ever happen, but I really hate non-ergonomic keyboards, and dragging an external KB around with me is not only a royal pain, but it also really breaks the ergonomics of the trackpad, which means I'd need to haul around a mouse or somethin, too, and at some point the whole thing becomes so unwieldy that it defeats the purpose of having a laptop.
Some manufacturers have started building full travel mech boards into their laptops. There's not much choice for switches though, I recall seeing only MX red and brown as options, but have head that the speed switches are likely to go into newer models. You might be better off looking into this than going down a potentially costly and time consuming DIY route.
This monstrosity is the first example I came across: https://www.msi.com/Laptop/gt80-2qe-titan-sli.html#hero-overview
Often the next big step up is called that in order to justify it. You may take a break with a pretense of finality but it never ends. It's like Episode VI Return of the Jedi
We all return to our roots eventually. Life is -- as said by the wizened old baboon in Lion King -- a circle. Birth, growth, maturity, and eventually decay, and finally death.
The circle of life has no exceptions. From dust we came, dust we become. Even the stars, the sun, the moon, astral beings we deem eternal, came from dust. They, too will falter and vanish into tule, and rise again, resplendent, radiant, transcendent.
I started with a membrane keyboard. I, too, will return to my roots.
This, is my beginning-game. This will be my endgame.

Non-swappable membrane construction. Proprietary keycaps. Non-detachable cable. Unique case.
Zero customizability. Infinite simplicity.
My roots.
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Damn... deep...
Have you considered swapping in a thicker rubber pad for heavier keys?
Honestly, I've used a lot worse. I think I gave away my last Dell, but I could work on one again if needed.
Endgame is something too hard to determined imho too, and from my pov it will be faraway since I am sucker for the collective part of it mostly with keysets especially in the form of SA or any tall profile like Matt3o's own MT3 profile where they could totally transform any normal looking keyboard into something totally radical looking.
That's actually quite accurate for a definition, I'll give you a thumb for that. Roflmao
Game is over when you run out of money.
for keycaps, I have a much longer end game. I still have a hard time finding a Dvorak key set for the boards I have that have a decent homing key. What signature plastic offers is not working for me, I seam to need those little dots or the raised bar, the deep dish just is not cutting it. So I don't expect to find my "end game" keycap till I can solve this issue.
For hardware I think an end game keyboard would be a split keyboard with the number pad in the middle. Never seen it yet, may have to make it if I ever find time.
You can fake it with an ergodox and separate numpad. Maybe mount them all to something if you prefer the feel of having one big chassis (to rule them all).
Vortex Pok3r with Zealios or Topre switches and Nautilus keycaps. Closes thing in the market would be Vortex Pok3r with MX Clear switches. Hey Massdrop, I'm waiting for this one to drop ...
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It was a year ago when I posted that and they were sold out everywhere.
Lol my bad I didn't even notice the date when I replied to that.
Endgame for me is when I have a keyboard that satisfies me completely.
- Ducky One TKL RGB with silent red switches (not on the market. yet. hopefully.) - Custom Cable - SA 1965 The Beatles Keycap Set
Delete everything related to MX or wait until broke