Jan 30, 2017158 views

Closed Back options

I'm looking for a strong closed back option. We've had the AKG 7xx, The HD6xx and many other open back. While I know we've had some closed, I wonder if we could get the Beyerdynamic DT 770. Do they have a Manufaktur version of these at 250ohm?

i was actually looking for a closed back options as well, my hd800s is good and all but it's not a good headphone if audio leakage is an issue. i was thinking about getting akg k872
Look elsewhere, sennheiser momentum 2nd gen. It's closed back 27 ohms (if I remem correctly). Sound quality almost perfect. Do not buy the on ear version, but the over ear!!!
Love my old pair of DT770 80 Pro's. Already did one full cable replacement job on them (dang small wires to solder). I'd like to see them on MD in the future.