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What is your Perfect Keyboard?

This isn't a question asking if you could have any keyboard what would it be, i'm asking what is your ideal keyboard. My ideal keyboard would be something with a small form factor that is still very functional. Massdrop has already sold many of these keyboard such as the ever so popular Planck, one of my favorite keyboards, I told you my ideal keyboard whats your perfect keyboard I'd love know. :)
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For gaming, take the Wooting One and give me a steel plate and aluminum body. Black body and black double shot PBT keycaps. Flaretech Black switches.
For typing, probably the GON Ns NerD 108 but with a steel plate and double shot PBT grey keycaps, and Wooting One level RGB LED customization. Cherry MX Clear switches.
-60-65% -hot swappable -thick plate -no key wobble -qmk -rgb -usb c -aluminium frame -costs<$180
Basically nothing like this exists as far as I know
That or the tokyo60 but when the laser alt was running I didn't wanna be limited by the colour. If the Tokyo drops again I'll jump on it.
This, which is why i'm trying to build it

Something like the Dactyl Manuform but without any of the thumb cluster switches behind each other, and a premade case so that I don't have to 3D-print it.
64% with a metal frame, bluetooth and wired, and above all, a trackpoint--without asking me to pay $300 for it and build it myself...
Same as the Gigabyte Force K85 : - full size - trimmed right around the keys (no excess, no palm rest) - floating keys design - static colour, or off (the other modes and effects are not necessary for me)
BUT with : - all characters moved to the top of their key cap, over the led - all the key caps with 2 characters, have the characters side-by-side at the top of their key cap, over the led (like the row of numbers on the Sharkoon Skiller Mech SKG3) - per key true RGB colour selection (not just a few colours), by entering the 6-digit hex colour number on the numpad (yes, even for the numpad keys) and with per 2-digit hex pair (R, G, or B) up down adjustment via the arrow keys - copy/repeat last colour in per key RGB mode - super fine brightness configuration - all configuration possible on the keyboard itself, no software (just built in a Pi or Pine64 SBC) - super key caps for Windows, Linux, and OS X (FFS, how much cost can this add?) - characters on key caps should not wear off - no finger print magnet - Cherry MX Clear switches (not a must though; other MX, or MX compatible is also OK) - sturdy aluminium top plate - firm plastic housing at the bottom - grippy rubber feet at the bottom of the keyboard (when pushing against the keyboard), but come off easy (when lifting the keyboard)
If you're talking absolutely ideal, why not go for a full aluminum housing with a brass top plate?
Bluetooth TLK but with the arrow/insert/pg keys section on the left side of the keyboard. That way I can have my typing area centered with my monitor without crossing over onto my mousepad. I’d also be able to use the arrow keys and shift/alt + arrow keys with my left hand without having to take my right hand off the mouse - would be sooo good for After Effects / Illustrator work.
whitefox or nightfox with hot swappable pcb
My perfect keyboard works with a font generating software. Pressure sensitive keys allows me to inflect emotion into my messages. Harder strike, or push longer might make the font more spiky, and slower, softer strike might make it more billowy. Holding a key in a direction could have other effects on the font. For form factor, I’d prefer a ‘just the basics’ but low enough profile that I can use with a tablet. Ironically, I like using laps but find small kbd wobbles, so, a fold-out cover could allow me to use my lap on a platform, then have it protected for travel.
Looks like I may be in the minority, but I love big keyboards. The more keys the better. In fact, I'm currently a bit infatuated with the Genovation KB170L which has 132 keys. But more than that, I love retro looking terminal era keyboards. So my dream keyboard would be at least full sized and have SA profile keycaps in some nostalgic computing color pattern. And while I ideally want a retro appearance, I want the modern bells and whistles such as removable usb chord, usb pass through ports/hub, and something that I don't even know if it is possible or not.... interchangeable key switches that don't require soldering. (Want to try new switches? just pull the old ones out and plug the new ones in.) OH! And the old backwards "L" shaped Return key. I miss that.
But I know my tastes are esoteric and probably nowhere near in the majority.
all these things are possible and exist, the thing you are looking for is hot swap switches which is a new feature that a lot of people are putting in new keyboards.
- 65% or 75% (all other layouts are objectively inferior) - RGB backlit fully customizable on the software side (Idon't need the full rainbow effects but want to be able to customize the color) - Split 3.0 spacebar (for added shenanigans and it's not like you need both thumbs for the spacebar) - Aluminum case (probably black) - PBT doubleshot - Cherry MX reds or blacks (I can live with browns too) - MiTo Laser keycaps (all other keycaps are objectively inferior...) https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-mito-gmk-laser-custom-keycap-set - Wireless + Wired with detachable Mechcables Laser USB-C (this falls under a "nice to have") https://www.massdrop.com/buy/mechcables-laser-custom-sleeved-usb-cable
Alternatively since I missed the MiTo Laser drop </3 I'd use a cyan / teal aluminum case and black PBT blanks...
Sounds p good
-65% layout -Aluminum case -RGB -Hotswappable switches/Gateron browns -GMK carbon -USB c
Anodized milled aluminum Atreus 62 with the curvature of a Dactyl, an 18 degree tent and 45g Topre switches. It would have PBT R3 SA keycaps in either the GMK Burgundy color scheme or Modern Selectric with legends that match whatever custom layout I flash.
wireless split RGB-backlight blue, mechanical switches tenkeyless
A tenkeyless spilt would be pretty difficult to use I think. Hate to say it but I don't know if that will get made any time soon
tenkeyless with rgb underglow, white backlight and clicky switches
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Wow I got some keyboards mashed together, I meant the KBParadise V60 Type R
varmillo type R sounds pretty good
I just so happen to have mine already. I use this for everything except gaming. For that I use my G710 Plus, which is also perfect for that application. This one here is an Obins Anne Pro (brown switches) with a few custom keycaps. Minimal, simple, elegant, well weighted with a touch of RGB flash. I use it for work (I'm a technical writer) and with my tablet.
I need no more than this for everything outside gaming.
40% RF wireless split ortho with: * depth staggering * tenting * Topre(or Matias Quiet Clicks) * Commodore breadboxy design and keycaps.
Working on it, but it's going to take a long time!
Also, someone to make a good portable eyetracking solution for mouse control.
I think Rama jc65 is good enough, but I miss it, now I am waiting for my Exent 65% :)
What is the purpose of all the extra case size around the keys on this?
For fun :P
- 65-87% layout - high quality silver/rosegold/white-ish aluminum body casing with a thin frosted acrylic strip for that nice smooth underglow (ex. Duck V2) with a gold colored brass plate; 8-10 degree slope - Heavy brass weight (with PVD coating) - PCB with RGB backlit LEDs, RGB underglow LEDs, holtities (hot swap-able goodness) - lubed transparent zeal stabs - lubed vintage blacks (55g gold springs) , lubed mx clears with 62g springs, or lubed tealios with gat yellow springs - polycarb switch films to minimize wobble - sound dampened with clips (zealencios) - WKL layout (7u spacebar) - braided/coiled gold plated connector USB-C cord (Hana style with white techflex) - GMK Hana (pls make this happen Vala!) - an on/off button
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absolutely lovin it!
you forgot wireless
A swedish ISO 40% ortholinear
New in the game, but there are a number of things I'd like to try out for an ideal keyboard.
a) 60-68% form factor because it feels like maximized keyboard real estate. b) PCB allowing individual on/off of LEDs (per-key RGB not necessary) because I'd like to be able to use indicator lights for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock, perhaps even a custom Fn Lock key. Also, with MX Lock switches. c) Stepped Caps Lock. d) Split spacebar. e) Slightly angled aluminium case. Not flat. Not high. Just perfect. f) ISO-SE layout. Would like to try Programmer's Dvorak. g) A badass keycap set. Something synthwave-y or forest-y maybe. Haven't tried different profiles yet so not sure about SA/DSA/DCS/Cherry. h) Same goes for switches. Not sure yet, but would like something slightly heavier and clicky and/or tactile that can take my hammering on the keys. i) Fully programmable. j) Build the whole thing from scratch. optional) RGB underglow.
I have already taken care of a few of these things. BananaSplit 60 on the way. Super stoked about it. Might try ghetto underglow. MX Lock switches ordered. Will order GMK Nautilus. Might use the XD60 case coming in. Getting a bunch of MX Whites as well, but will order a switch tester.
Feeling good about this.
someone is going to be spending a lot of money for what they want, make sure to send picks when you are done.
For now I'm content that I can't have it all at the same time. I'm enjoying the ride and the exploration. Focusing on two builds right now: XD60 with Miami Dolch and BananaSplit 60 with Nautilus. Still need a, preferrably dark blue, case for the latter though.
Will share pics. Gotta share the joy.
Fully programable TLK, with on the fly macros and RGB, in this layout:
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well yeah, but you need keys to replace to achieve that unless you mean to have a second layout for your keys that could be macros
Having additional keys can be useful but not necessary. FN + key is enough to hold macro. And there are some additional layers - pok3r style.
TKL w/ the Carbon SA keycap set and an additional numpad w/ my Yuri keycaps.
Edit: Hopefully it will be paired with the beauty that is the Input Club K-Type.
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this is why I love the k-type, it seems that every TKL fan has said that that is their perfect keyboard, me included.
Some "enthusiasts" say that they would rather have something with a non-standard layout, but why would i need that? I want a beautiful RGB keyboard that can fit any cap set i want? How sick would that look with the Carbon SA on it? I mean really think. Boner worthy, i swear hahahah
TrackPoint/Pointing-Stick integration
The pointing nub is such a massive productivity lift in keyboard usage I consider it a must have but simply can't find it on the market (yeah yeah the IBM/Lenovo patent).
Well the Tex Yoda keyboard had the point so seems feasible for licensing. I unfortunately scoffed at the price and now see have gone for $500+ on eBay - so there certainly seems to be a market.
yep the tex yoda is a extremely expensive bored and its the only board, people just dont like the look of the nub
65-75% as for size, and then using a layout similiar to the one i've made out of the clueboard layouts, with the the bottom row right of "ALT GR" being 1u instead, as to have spacing between modifiers and the arrow cluster.
Some sort of exotic case material, give me dat fiberglass for that "boats boats boats" theme please :P or otherwise a case that screams personality.
topside connectors some hubfunctionality for running a mouse/numpad through it, if the hotswap sockets for the K type are as good as they are hyped to be then i wouldn't mind having those on it aswell.
sounds dank
now they just have to make it, and i have to get rich to be able to outfit it with keycaps, because those 1.25u shifts are a horrible layout decision if you value having money :)
Steelseries/Ideazon Merc Stealth style gaming area (detachable), clean rectangle shape like Corsair K-series Detachable Tenkey section. Cherry MX Red RGBs on gaming section, RGB Buckling springs for all other keys. White Vortex Backlit Doubleshot PBT Keycaps throughout. Dual PCB + Steel mounting plate Split dual switch spacebar 3mm Raw Brushed Aluminum lower shell, 5mm upper. Aluminum flip out legs on all 4 corners so the board can be tilted forwards or backwards. Full set of media keys at top of board, Steel volume wheel like on Corsair Vengence boards but with clicks rather than free scrolling. 18 G-Keys (detachable), Cherry greens. 2.5mm o-rings preinstalled on all game area keys. Fully customizable RGB backlighting similar to the Corsair Vengence RGB / Logitech G902 / Razer Blackwidow Chroma, etc. Flat white underplate to enhance vibrancy of lighting. Bluetooth with detachable USB-C, Steel Braid cable.
Connectors on both ends of the board and on both sides of the gaming area, G-keys & Tenkey sections. Can be customized however the user wants, (all 3 on left side in any order, all 3 on right side in any order, 2 on one side & 1 on the other in any order, all off, etc) Highly customizable, plus makes the board completely ambidextrous. Spring retractable plugs with aluminum slide covers on all 8 connector ends for when not in use.
The layout would probably be a 60%. I have no real need for function keys or a numberpad.
The case would definitely be an aftermarket one, preferrably metal or wood. Fjell would be best.
As for keycaps, I'd prefer space-themed sets, same with artisans. I won a Deep Field in Primecaps' recent raffle, so that's covered.
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Speaking of terrible shots, which do you think is lower quality:
Photographing the cap amidst a pile of chip crumbs (hot and spicy or BBQ);
Photographing the cap in a pitch-black room.
Please reply quickly, I need to minimize the quality of this photoshoot in order to maximize my karma gains from it.
both is preferred but I think the chips are better
The Keyboardio Model 01 looks pretty cool, but it's too big for me to use while sitting on my couch.
In general, I like metal cases, clicky switches and smaller boards. The TADA68 and the WhiteFox are very close to the ideal size for me. I like some lighting b/c I work in a darkened room too much and have a hard time seeing the keys that I can't touch type, but full RGB and stuff like I can take or leave. Fully programmable b/c I like to map Home and End to a second layer under my arrow keys, and whatever other shortcuts/optimizations I can think of.
thanks for commenting on a couple of my discussions I appreciate it ^^
RGB individual key lighting, Heavy brushed chrome body, mx browns, heavy backlighting bleed, braided usb cable (NUT) a set of dedicated macro keys, abs keycaps, a decent rgb/macro software, full sized or tkl, standardized, and only for under 160 dollars
The "Truly Ergonomic Keyboard" looks pretty good. I decided to go with an Ergodox though because... You know, I don't really remember why... probably getting into DIY keyboards sounded fun. Really my only complaint with my Ergodox is that I miss having dedicated F-keys and a num-pad (the latter of which is a feature of the TEK as well). One of these days I'll get around to building my own num-pad and "F-pad" to sit above the right & left halves (respectively) of my Ergodox.
In any case, what I want in a keyboard is a split ortholinear design. I'm only aware of three options: the Kenisis (not sure how I feel about typing in a bowl), the TEK, and the Ergodox.