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[On-Going] New To Massdrop? Ask Your Questions Here!

Are you new to Massdrop? Do you have a question for the Massdrop team or other community members?

Feel free to ask your questions below! (even if you aren't new to Massdrop)
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Question, can you pleae implement a toggle for the sidebar so it doesnt take up half the screen when I'm trying to browse? Honestly, everyone knows what communities they are interested in, we dont need the sidebar on the left showing all the communities 100% of the time. The drop down menu at the top was fine, yet now I have this massive bar on the right showing every community I'm not interested in, and when browsing your "Shop" I can only see three things at a time instead of a full page LIKE EVERYONE OTHER ONLINE STORE THAT EXISTS. i'D LIKE THE ANSWER TO ALL THAT. I'd also like to know who you allowed to do this to your streamlined website. Not their name, just what position you actually allowed to do this. Who then, checked it out, and said 'Wow this is great, the future is now!" They are more stupid than the idiot that designed it.
Before you changed the site i could browse all my communities drops at once now it seems I have to browse them one by one? How do i view them all
Can you please do something about the shipping to Canada, what you guys charge prevents most Canadians from taking advantage of the offers this site provides
Hi I was just reading your post and I was shocked to see you think the cost of shipping is too high. I don't know if it's different in other departments because I've only bought knives but the most I've ever been charged was $7 once and all the others it was Ether $4 or $5 witch is less then the usual $10 -$15 most Dealers charge me for the same thing. Again I'm not saying your wrong I just haven't had that experience myself. Actually Massdrop has been a God send as far as getting me back into buying knives from the US after all the BS at the border over knives.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Massdrop/comments/66jlzo/canadians_should_avoid_massdrop/ There are many forces working against us north of the border, currency exchange, duties and other fees which drives people away from buying here. I was thinking of buying from the audiophile section but instead I am going to buy direct from HK or China because while it might take a bit longer, they offer free shipping and in some cases, there are no duties.
I can't seem to click on "Place Order" although the drop is currently showing "Buy". Please kindly help! Thank you :)
Mystery solved! The field "city" needs to be filled in even though it's not labeled as a mandatory field.
Ever since gdpr came in effect I haven't received a single daily email with the new drops.
I've double checked all email settings on Massdrop and everything is enabled but still absolutely nothing.
Spam folder on my email doesn't have any emails from Massdrop either so it's not getting caught by the spam filter.
Anyone know how to solve this?
Do you ever get woodworking tools such as German chisels?
Do you ship to India.
I wanted to buy the Martelli Roundabout in the last drop but haven't heard anything since drop ended about 2 weeks ago. Is there something else I needed to do? Thanks!
I wanted to buy the Martelli Roundabout in the last drop but haven't heard anything since drop ended about 2 weeks ago. Is there something else I needed to do? Thanks!
if i were to suggest and option would i have to buy it?
Hello everyone. Does somebody know whether massdrop ships goods to Ukraine or not?
You can check whether a drop ships to your country by clicking "join drop" and checking for your country in the drop down, if it's not there then they can't ship to you
Why isn't there a women's apparel community? I showed my girlfriend this site and that was her first complaint
I suspect there's plenty of female MD users itching to spend money on quality apparel / accessories...
Exactly, why doesn't MD accommodate them?
Anyone knows if bazaar sale coming soon like previous year?
Does anyone know how to get something to ship to a PO BOX in Alaska? My friend was able to use a po but the checkout won't allow me to put in my po. If anyone knows how to enter one it would be much appreciated.
You have to write in to Massdrop support after you join and they'll change the address to a PO box
Is there a way to explain to people, or maybe relabel the "join drop" button to "Check shipping cost" ? I think it would help newbies better understand that they aren't actually joining the drop when they click and are only checking the shipping cost to them.
I like this site, keep up the good work! Also, add a mountain bike community!
I suppose it's to get you committing in your mind and feel a part of something, but you are absolutely right! I'm new and I didn't know exactly what was going to happen when I clicked that button!
New to the page, so apologies if this is a well covered subject.
Looking through the "all drops" page, I can see there has been some women's apparel, but there doesn't appear to be a category that it fits into. Was there in the past? Or is it planned in the near future?
How do we suggest items? i am interested in the Cycliq bike lights cum cameras.
i just bought a cycliq fly 12 for $149AU. :)
You can create a poll and suggest the items you like!
I apologize I didn't realize this was a thing and instead created a new thread for it. Could I get an answer to the question I asked here: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/2219/how-to-unsubscribe-to-specific-emails
Basically I was wondering how I can tell what I should unsubscribe to in order to stop getting certain emails. For example I just got an email about a knife but I am only in the keyboard, watch, and tech communities and only really care about new drops to those communities.
Go to Settings -> Email Settings
Just untick what you dont want
Can you guys add a section with "coming soon"? It'd be great to have some sorta idea of what's coming up!
Will it be possible in the future for massdrop to add a guitars section?
Massdrop used to have a "Pro Audio" community where guitars would show up from time to time, and this was rolled into Audiophile as it wasn't a very large community. I would assume any guitar drops that do happen will just happen there.
I'd like to know that myself , being that most orders shipped through Fleabay coming from the Asian Countries can take up to 30-40 days , items do make it but seems like forever .
If it says "shipping from warehouse" on the drop page it's coming from MD in the US, if it says it's being shipped by the vendor then it's wherever that vendor is
Is Everything sent from USA? Even if its MD-only manufactured somewhere else?
is there a life after death?
The Yankees killed me after blowing the lead in game 2, and I'm still here so yes there is.
Will there ever be a way to view prices for drops in a different currency?
When can we expect some motherboards coming up preferably for 1151 ,and I am clueless why isn't a gsync monitor with 1440p Res...not been in the list..
Does the shipping date actually mean anything? I ordered the PC37X on 31st July GMT+8, it said it would ship on 3rd August PT estimated, which would be 4th August for me. Cool, I may get it in time for the weekend. Except now its 5th August and according to the DHL tracker, it has not even left New Jersey... I feel so blue balled. I think Massdrop should look into making the 'estimated ship date' clearer, I thought I had a chance of getting it on Friday but nope the package is still on the other side of the world. I understand international shipping (to Singapore in this case) can take a while, but to state an estimated shipping date only to have the package still in the damn same state on said date, is simply misleading.
I joined by clicking the "Continue with Google" option that appeared in Chrome on my work laptop. Unfortunately, that option doesn't seem to exist on any other browser--including Chrome on my mobile device. This means that the only time I can actually do anything in Massdrop is when I'm on my work laptop. Anybody have any idea how I can log in with my Google account on other browsers?
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Ah! Figured it out. I had 3rd party cookies disabled. Logging in fine now. Thank you!
Glad it was resolved :)
Hello I would like to order something but you guys don't deliver to PO Box why I get my mail at p.o box only can you guys make an exception??
Write into MD after you join a drop
I've ordered several things from Massdrop in the past year. I noticed on this site that there are many unique items or items that have unique features. I want a DIY expandable USB foot pedal you can build from a RassPi or Arduino. Even a prebuilt one would be good enough as long as you can add more buttons and has memory to hold key bindings. I want it for key binding commands from video editing programs and games.
I have a problem with my hands that makes working with much more than the WASD keys and spacebar difficult. Started playing PUBG and I need more options. Would be cool to add pressure sensitive fuel and brake pedals. Where do you find someone to give these ideas to or have them build one? Maybe there is a market for an idea like this or someone comes up with. I have a 3 button pedal I use all the time but I want more buttons. No more searching for keys far off from what you are using most often.
I've just bought my first item in Massdrop Community: a fountain pen. Will I receive any information about shipping? schedule, carrier, track... It's an international shipping, from US to Spain.