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Welcome to Men's Style Discussions

Hey everyone, and welcome to the new discussion system!
This is a place for you to discuss, share, and learn with one another about everything related to men's style. The platform is currently in the beta phase, as we work out the kinks with some of our community members. But while that’s going on, you’re still free to comment in any of the discussions.
For now, we’re only releasing this platform to our Audiophile, Mechanical Keyboards, and Men's Style communities, so we can get a handle on what works and what doesn’t. We’ll start rolling these features out to other communities as soon as we get everything in tip-top shape.
There are some basic rules for posting on Massdrop, and those apply here, as well. If you need a refresher, feel free to read up on our discussion rules and guidelines here: (https://www.massdrop.com/talk/51/discussion-guidelines). The TL;DR is this: Use common courtesy and show respect to one another. We are all here to learn more and grow the community together.
As far as posting goes, pretty much anything is fair game, so long as it has something to do with men's style—boots, belts, wallets, denim, you name it. The best posts are those that encourage sharing and discussion. Some ideas for a great post include: your favorite new watch, reviews on gear, or details on getting your proper measurements for a new suit.
In the future, this post will be updated with additional features we roll out. Until then, we welcome everyone to the community and look forward to hanging out with you!
If you have any questions, please post below and I’ll answer them as they come up.

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I am just getting into dressing better. Is it in bad taste to ask for more suit separates and dress shirts? (Im game for some french cuffs). Also, would there be more than two of us interested in cufflinks?
How hard would it be to have the "comment" section for each drop redirect to Talk, with the first comment creating a thread here (or in Audiophile or wherever). That might help draw participants of various drops into other discussions and the broader Massdrop community.
Hmmmm...so those comment sections are pretty active, and I guess if they were included here, they would push the discussion/community threads down pretty quickly. If y'all found some way to integrate them without it doing that, it might work. I don't know how wedded you guys are to the current thread layout (as more threads are started, it might get difficult to navigate), but a separate frame on the right with the various active "product threads" might do the trick, giving the impression that the community threads and the product threads are all part of the same big discussion board.
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