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One advantage of micro usb: Magnetic connnector


One part I really like about the Core is the Micro usb connector, This allows me to attach a magnetic USB cable and base.
I wish magnetic cables were made for Mini usb. (someone do it quick)
The magnetic function allows me to easily remove the cable without wearing down the internal micro usb.
I am living the core so far and I hope you all do to.
Happy clacking,
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Yah, I have something similar to that, allows me to use my nice cables.
This magnetic cable includes a USB mini-b tip if you get the complete set. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/macneto-world-s-1st-multi-device-compatible-cable-mobile#/
Their cables are too short though ;-;
Yep, got a Pok3r rgb just a week ago. First thing I was searching after I get it, was a mini usb magnetic connector... nothing like it on the entire planet.
I think this isn't a problem to resolder mini USB port on any keyboard.
It's better not having to do that. But I think magnetic usb is really nice, sorta like mag safe.
I can't lie. A lot of the reason I ordered this board was because of your post here. I'm typing on it now. There is going to be a huge learning curve but I think I can manage. And I think it's going to be worth it. Also first time with clears. Love them so far!
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These are fantastic thanks!
As a side note, the lack of magnetic Mini-B adapters can be circumvented by using a Mini-B to Micro-B adapter...

If those exist. I can't find any.
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You lucky son of a...
I'm stuck with a FC750R and a V60 Mini that's coming this April. Both have Mini-B; I'm out in the cold.
I shouldn't have bought salt in Ishigaki when I went there this February. *sigh*
Have you had a look at the Z70? I think that's the only appropriate board atm with a usb-c connection. Something you may want to consider when it's next available.
My ANNE PRO uses micro i think, its the same port im using to charge my android phone. But tbh I wouldnt mind seeing a skip in Micro/Mini and jump straight to USB Type-C. Everything is going there now.
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I'm surprised so many of the keyboards here still use mini given the stated problems with that connector. I would love to see projects like Planck go into that direction.
But Type-C is useless on keyboards and it's expensive than mini/micro USB.
Seriously, what brands out there do people have experience with. I would like to find one where I can swap out mini and micro tips.
OMG, I love this, how can I join this cult and what flavor of kool-aid is required!