Feb 5, 2017

Some Videos for the community - Including the Speedmaster Pro, Grand Seiko, Seiko SARB, Steinharts & Some Chinese offering

Hi there everyone,
I have knocked up some videos of watches that we regularly discuss & I thought they may be of interest to those of us who are subscribed to the Watch drops. I did partake in a purchase of the Victorinox Chrono XL late last year & that will also be reviewed later this week.
Anyway, for the time being, please enjoy!
https://youtu.be/7kLBQn7pOSg - Chinese Watches
https://youtu.be/lMrR46hcQIE - SARB 035
https://youtu.be/NLPsWqCdJnw - Invicta Speedway Chronometer (from 2006).
https://youtu.be/GJsiixU4Ib0 - Grand Seiko SBGX065 - Close Look
https://youtu.be/j3xjAzvQ4vE - Speedmaster Pro
https://youtu.be/xq44AzAN4K8 - Grand Seiko SBGX065 Unboxing
https://youtu.be/CdKrj02sVrM - Bulova Moonwatch Unboxing
https://youtu.be/wTay_Ozp_B4 - Steinhart Ocean One GMT - Pepsi Bezel Unboxing
https://youtu.be/iyvhztkVXbM - Steinhart Ocean One GMT - Ceramic Bezel Unboxing
ltopper and StainlessOnly

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Darn incredible collection of reviews you've put together here. Nice work!
Thank you so much... I will be doing a review of the Victorinox I purchased via Massdrop.. expect this video later this week.. please donot forget to subscribe! I would love to be able to build a base of likeminded folk so that I can review a wide variety of watches.
As I get more experience in filming I hope to make them look and feel less amateur.
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