Feb 11, 2017

Causes for a Cracked Crystal

My Citizen Eco-Drive's crystal cracked about a month ago. I've never had this happen before and at first thought that might be the end of the watch. Thankfully, I found a local watch repair shop that replaced the crystal for $25. I was just curious if anyone might know what may have caused this crack. It was fine one day and then suddenly I noticed the crack and actually small sliver had broken off ( I should have photographed it). Since I've had this watch for several years, I'm guessing it was mostly a wear and tear problem that may have been developing over time.

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If the sliver or chip in the crystal was present prior too, the integrity of the crystal could have been compromised enough to where a good bump, a temp or extreme altitude change could cause it to shatter. A lot of variables. Sorry to hear either way.
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