Feb 12, 2017

Does Massdrop provide customer support?

Customer Support

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not receiving support for this issue now going 12 days.

I purchased a LZ A4 IEM.

The right earbud is distorting. I have tried it on several devices and switched the cabling so that I know it is the right earbud.

How do I proceed to get this problem fixed.

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I have to say that the two issues I have had the Massdrop Support Team have been EXCEPTIONAL in all areas. Not just in the response time in coming back to my support request but the extra parts in terms of real SUPPORT not just in getting the problem resolved but also sparking up a professional and warm conversation with you.

Mistakes are made but you only really find out how good a company when things go wrong for which on both accounts Massdrop support should be PROUD and I just wanted to say THANK YOU fof sorting out issues and making my life a little more stress free. ☺️
Ok I owe Massdrop a partial apology. Given that Massdrop emails reach me perhaps 3 or 4 timer per day sometimes I never thought support emails would be end up in spam. The original Massdrop response: return ship for refund, was within 3 or 4 days
Hey tomcun I want to try and figure out why these were going to spam. They shouldn't be and I can't replicate them going there on my end on a few email service providers (gmail, icloud). Could you send me the "header" or "raw source" for one of those emails.

You can see how to do that here: http://www.ptd.net/help-desk/email-communication/advanced/spam

My email is Zander@massdrop.com

Let me look into this real quick. brb

edit: Looks like some emails weren't being received, but Support has resent the emails this morning. Please check any folders or spam filters to see if something is routing the emails somewhere.
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