Feb 14, 2017

Pok3r for programming?

For my months-long search for a mechanical keyboard, the holy-grailed Pok3r is finally available on massdrop. Although I am hesitant to order due to my venture into programming, and I'm not sure if I will be able to as efficiently due to the Pok3r's design (specifically with the arrow keys assigned to I, J, K, L if I remember correctly). Does anyone have any thoughts/recommendations on this?

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The arrows in the function layer honestly feel more natural and easier to use than dedicated keys off to the side of the alphas. I definitely miss not having home row arrows when I am using a larger board. I flipped the third dip switch, which makes caps lock work as fn. The only thing you have to watch is that the pok3r will not register modifiers after pressing fn so you need to press modifiers before entering the function layer. This has not been an issue as I hit them first anyways.

You can also press L_Win + Space + R_Alt to toggle the modifiers in the bottom right to act as an arrow cluster when you need arrows on the top layer.
@DMXGeo This is an old thread, but this is a common question, so sharing my experience.
tl;dr: Pok3r + dedicated arrow cluster ("L_Win + Space + R_Alt") has been my favorite keyboard to code on, for about a year.

details: I program mostly in vim, on mac and linux, and, missing dedicated arrow keys, I almost got rid of my Pok3r (WASD CODE 61 key, https://twitter.com/wasdkeyboards/status/707310223162081280, no longer sold).

Then I remapped the lower right cluster to arrow keys (L_Win + Space + R_Alt), and moved Fn to CapsLock (SW3 on, others off).

Since then, this has been my favorite keyboard to write code on for the past year, replacing my WASD CODE 87 TKL. I might try another KB, with dedicated Pg{Up,Dn}/Home/End keys (Varmilo 68, or reprogram my WhiteFox) at some point, but not today. ; )
Leopold might work for you?
Yep, agree here with ShadowMilk. I actually have days I miss have the arrow keys in the function layer because I didn't have to move my hands the admittedly miniscule distance to reach them.

Definitely look at the user manual if you do decide to purchase because one of the dip switches, if I'm remembering correctly, allows you to map the caps lock key as a function key. This allows you to hold function with your left pinky and then use your right hand to use the arrows without ever moving your hands from the home row.
This is exactly what I did with mine, and I love not having to move my hand to use arrow keys.
Use it and love it every day for various programming tasks as well as systems management.

Really can't beat it if you are comfortable without arrow keys (something which happened very quickly for me, especially after I bound caps lock to fn)
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