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So what about Zeppelin timepieces?

Good day everyone.
After searching the internet all day long I finely found this brand I once fell in love with (no suspense here it's in the title): Zeppelin.
Or actually Zeppelin and Hindenberg which are two distinct brands but that my love for balloons and classic rock force me to associate.
Anyway, it has been a while since I started browsing this community's drops and never have I found those brands watches on sale. And not that I want to complain or whatever, but I just think it would be a great thing if we could get more of those. They range from very moderatly priced to epicly overpriced but overall have a quite significant selection while remaining affordable (combined with the massdrop treatment we could get some pretty nice prices). Both brands have solid crafting standards and reputations.
Here are the links toward both brands websites/ eshops:
What say you comrades?
Shall we add these to our regular selection of timepieces?
May the force be with you (and on time)
StainlessOnly and Justthisguyyouknow

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the Hindenberg style really comes off as too flash at first glance but when you use it after a while, the intricate detail behind the watch really shows and you grow to love it. Don't know much about the Zeppelin's but it does have an ol' english vibe from the 40's.
i bought a ZEPPELIN 7680-2. everything was working fine. i tried to set the alarm and now the time won't move anymore. can someone give me advice to make it work again? the alarm works, also the chronograph. only the time is not working.
This mob reminds me of Ingersoll, making watches with insipiration of times gone by. They look to be decent watches but not for me unfortunately. I prefer what's under the 'hood'.
I've got one of these. Love it.
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My Zeppelin watch is the Hindenberg LZ129 7036-1. I think it's beautiful. There are a crazy number of complications — moon phase; weekdate and day of month on chronograph-style subdials; week number on a fourth hand around the very edge of the dial — but somehow the 20s/30s design sensibility and typography keeps in harmony what could feel too busy. The sunburst silver sheen of the dial, and the little bit of texture on the subdials (like record grooves) make the piece feel alive. The mineral crystal allows the dial to take up the entire face of the watch, so that it wears pretty large for a 40mm diameter. There's a lovely old-fashioned distortion around the edges. Of course mineral crystal will scratch — and repair — more easily than sapphire, so I treat this watch like a dress piece rather than a daily beater.
PointTec (http://www.pointtec.de/) is the company that owns the Graf Zeppelin brand, as well as Junkers and at least one other German watch brand. As you noted, they don't seem to get a lot of coverage in the English-speaking world. There's a glowing review of one of the Zeppelin automatics on Worn & Wound (http://wornandwound.com/review/graf-zeppelin-hindenburg-lz129-ref-7060/) and a pretty positive review of a different Ronda quartz model on Watches You Can Afford (https://watchesyoucanafford.com/graf-zeppelin-dual-time-7640-1-review/), but I didn't see either of those until well after I owned this watch. They seem to use exclusively Swiss quartz movements (Ronda and ETA), and Japanese (Miyota) automatics.
I received my Zep as a gift, but I did help to pick it out. I knew nothing about watches at the time. I'm a little older now (couple years) and a little more educated about watches (though still pretty much a neophyte). If I were picking out a watch today, I don't know that I'd go for something with this many complications, or for a quartz piece. And that's insane, because I adore this watch! Not just for sentimental reasons, either. It's stunning, and classy, and endlessly interesting to look at without being flashy or clownish.
I've never seen one of these go on sale either, but if it's any consolation, they're worth the asking price. Long Island Watch (http://www.longislandwatch.com/), a US store which carries a great selection of affordable, high-quality watches, has both Junkers and Graf Zeppelin for good prices with free shipping.
Wow thanks for sharing, this is info I'll look into. Personally I live in France so it comes even rarer than in America unfortunately. I discovered this brand while visiting the Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget. I think they are cheaper there than in the regular market but then again maybe I was still on engine gazing high at the moment. I will keep you in touch and share photographs when I return there, they even have an Apollo 11 Eagle replica :D. When it comes to watches I tend to be a bit nerdy so the more dials the more I get excited. Moon phases dials are absolutely my favorite though, with chronographs they look just so cool. Just for trivia I once stumbled upon an onion watch from the 1920's with a moon phase, a huge beast, with a diameter of 80mm (height of 100mm if you add the crown). Couldn't afford it but man it looked like Dumbledore's watch or something.
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