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What's your most wanted camera?

As you've read the title, what's your most wanted/dream camera, ignoring the funds.
One camera you could pick, what will it be? state it, and drop a image/photo and or video link of it. Include lens too to go with the camera, just one.
For me, its this beastly gorgeous little bad boy:
Alpa PhaseOne IQ3 100, Alpa Rodenstock 35/4.0 HR

Curious to know what you want and desire; This includes video cameras too.
Do share!

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Sony A9
Mine has to be the Kinefinity terra 4K with sigma 18-35 cine
Definitely a Leica M.

Love my 5d mark 3, but having a small discreet 35mm for travel, with that image quality would be a dream.
Panasonic G7. Please. Thanks.
Style. Uniqueness. Legend.
Leica Q
Leica SL (type 601) with Vario-Elmarit f2.8-4 24-90mm lens. Test drove this for a day and loved the ergonomics, build and image quality (both still and video).
Samsung Galaxy NX!
RED weapon 8k monstro Cine camera. $50,000 body only. I would get the Sigma 18-35mm lens ($4000) Oh and you also have to pay thousands for their propritary storage, batteries, handles and stuff. I’ll say a good kit is $65,000
Leica M Monochrom
a7 mk III w/ 24-105 f4. Basically can do whatever you throw at it. Too bad it's over 3k for all of that lmao
Nikon D850 paired up with the little known Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4, a macro setup I can only dream of.

OK. So i have the Nikon D5000 and i just want to know should get rid my D5000 and spend a TON of money on this new D850 or is there not a big difference and just keep my D5000?
Full frame vs Crop sensor so there will be a noticable image difference as well as the need for different lens to accomodate the larger sensor. Your investment level would be considerable. That being said I like the crop sensor because it alows me the benefit of extra reach on the same lens compared to FF. Each will have a benefit and a compromise depending on your needs. But the D850 has some of the best technology and I believe the highest rated sensor to date so it is tough to beat. I shoot. D500 and if money was no issue would make the change in an instant.
Nikon D850 with 24-70 Nikkor lens
Sony A6700!
Canon eos 1DX mark II
I already own my ‘almost perfect’ (for me of course) camera: a Fuji X-E3

That said, an X100f or an XPRO 2 are tempting.
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Effectively nothing to be honest. It’s suits me & my wife perfectly. Despite being smaller than XT 20, it has better ergonomics (for me and my big hands).

The DPReview really sums it up better than I could here.

The only thing that underperforms is the built in mic. It sounds pretty mediocre.

The 18-55 OIS kit lens is actually great (I told myself I’d never buy another kit lens, but the hype is real). And the 27mm pancake puts this thing is in pocket camera territor.
Thanks for the tips.