Feb 16, 2017

What's your most wanted camera?

As you've read the title, what's your most wanted/dream camera, ignoring the funds.
One camera you could pick, what will it be? state it, and drop a image/photo and or video link of it. Include lens too to go with the camera, just one.
For me, its this beastly gorgeous little bad boy:
Alpa PhaseOne IQ3 100, Alpa Rodenstock 35/4.0 HR

Curious to know what you want and desire; This includes video cameras too.
Do share!

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Sony A7R III
Leica M Monochrom with a Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH

Hasselblad X1D, and at that point, I'd probably accept any lens offered to me, though 50mm would be preferred.

For photo i go with D850, for video i go for RED Dragon.
I concur--with a D800E for back up!
Panasonic g7
AGH! Not the Alpa! Watch the DigitalRev video about it-soooo clunky, and really didn't perform as you would expect for the price. The cable shutter is just annoying, the UI is horrible etc. Just get a D850 or something for actually useable high megapixel cameras.
Sony NEX-FS700 R 4K Sensor High Speed NXCAM Super35 Camcorder - http://amzn.to/2Abp7rw
Super camera with up to 960 fps slow-motion, lots of external connections, and (with an adapter) compatible with all my A-mount lenses. Though looking at the others on here, I'm clearly not shooting high enough. This is (almost) in my price range.
Leica M9 with no possibility of a corroded sensor and a range of Summilux lenses. And drop in the Leica Q for good measure. Need that macro capability and sometimes AF is necessary! I know, that was two cameras. But, you know, because... photography.
The Sony a7rIII is the first digital camera I think I could buy and use for 3-5 years without *wanting* to upgrade to the next hot model from X manufacturer.

I own a lot of cameras and lenses from many brands and I’m constantly on top of camera tech (it relates to my work, but more so to my G.A.S. if I’m being totally honest.

So for me to feel like there’s a camera I could really live with for this long, is really saying something. The a7rII was almost that camera for me, but the new version is as “future proof” as I’ve ever seen a digital camera.
My dream camera is a Pentax LX 35mm and I'm fortunate enough to have two of them. Unfortunately, they're both 30+ years old and suffer from some of the various maladies that afflict old film cameras, and the LX in particular. I may have some specialist use parts from both to Frankentein the best of each, but I'd hate to cannibalize one.

So I guess what I REALLY want is for Pentax to do a new special edition in 2018 so I can buy a brand new one (I'd buy two).

It's the best 35mm camera. Ever.

Lens? Pentax K 50mm 1.2. Obvs.
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Excellent choice as well. There are two in pretty good shape on eBay right now under $300, both come with a 50 f/2. Not the best iteration of the 50mm Pentax lens but the bodies look like they're in good shape.
ill probably never be able to afford one until next year at the soonest, but I digress.
Oh My! Of Course The Mighty Leica M10
Lens Selection is hard tho...

A D850 together with the holy trinity zoom lenses from Nikon
Canon C200
Mamiya 7ii
Definitely swoon at this camera often. A good choice!
The Bessa 3 W same as GF670 W. Too bad it got discontinued.
Sony Alpha 7S