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What's your most wanted camera?

As you've read the title, what's your most wanted/dream camera, ignoring the funds.
One camera you could pick, what will it be? state it, and drop a image/photo and or video link of it. Include lens too to go with the camera, just one.
For me, its this beastly gorgeous little bad boy:
Alpa PhaseOne IQ3 100, Alpa Rodenstock 35/4.0 HR



Curious to know what you want and desire; This includes video cameras too.
Do share!
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Mint SLR670 - (SX70/680 camera with manual control) MiNT InstantKon RF70
Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-3 printer - almost like a camera
Instax Square 10
not a camera, but the Techart PRO AF adapter would be great!
Sony A7III
The Canon slr2 if i could find one for 400$ id be so happy
The Alpa is a cool system if you shoot architecture or cars. For me, I've wanted a Contax 645 for the longest time. Those Schneider lenses are amazing and the cameras ergonomics are better than almost any other medium format.
Fujifilm GFX 50s
That Alpa is one sexy camera, haha!
SONY A7Riii , with FE 24~ 70mm F 2.8GM E mount
NIKON 850 , AF 24~120mm F4 GED VR
Fujifilm X-T3. The only one.
Sony A7RIII with a 24, 35, and 50 prime lenses.
Or a leica digital setup
That Alpa has always been a beautiful camera!
Sony A7R mark III
5Dmk4 OR A7R3 OR RED Gemini OR Monstro...
Canon C100 Mark III
The new Fujifilm XT3 with the new 8-16mm 😍
Canon Eos R
Nikon D750 or D810 w/ a 50mm f1.4 AND the best macro lense money can buy...

Panasonic DC-G9 black with 12-60 mm Leica

F/2.8-4.0 DG Vario-Elmarit.

Olympus OMD EM1 MarkII, with 300mm f4 IS PRO
Nikon D850 with the new Nikkor 500mm lens.
I would have to say a Mamiya 7. I love my old RB67 but getting to old to lug that beast around to shoot.
Leica SL!
Leica S 😎
I'm loving my Mamiya RB67 & Minolta SRT-102. I'm moving from digital to film (yes backwards) but it's proving to be a wonderful (albeit more costly) transition. The dynamic range, feel and variety of film stocks makes it a super fun experience.
Dream camera? That's probably KB Canham 8x10 for me (at the moment).
Would be nice (and a pipe dream) to see if someone can develop a medium or large format film camera with today's technology.
If you are serious about the transition to film and are choosing the Minolta SRT with MC Rokkor lenses, l might have some stuff you may need. I am getting rid of all my Minolta stuff.
I already stated I have film cameras already. That said I love my Minolta SRT-102. What Minolta stuff are you wanting to part with?