Feb 16, 2017

What's your most wanted camera?

As you've read the title, what's your most wanted/dream camera, ignoring the funds.
One camera you could pick, what will it be? state it, and drop a image/photo and or video link of it. Include lens too to go with the camera, just one.
For me, its this beastly gorgeous little bad boy:
Alpa PhaseOne IQ3 100, Alpa Rodenstock 35/4.0 HR

Curious to know what you want and desire; This includes video cameras too.
Do share!

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a7 mk III w/ 24-105 f4. Basically can do whatever you throw at it. Too bad it's over 3k for all of that lmao
Nikon D850 paired up with the little known Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4, a macro setup I can only dream of.

Nikon D850 with 24-70 Nikkor lens
Sony A6700!
Canon eos 1DX mark II
I already own my ‘almost perfect’ (for me of course) camera: a Fuji X-E3

That said, an X100f or an XPRO 2 are tempting.
(Am super late to this.... but)
Oh, man...
A Leica M-A (Typ 127). Completely manual -- no batteries, even. But, it effectively costs $7,000+ when you buy the lense and the body together. One day, maybe, if I can ever afford it.
My favourite camera is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7
Sony a7riii with 24-105 f4
Too bad that combo is over 4 grand
Ultimate for shooting underwater - Red Epic camera, Nauticam housing and Nikonos RS 13mm Fisheye lens.
Canon D5 Mark IIII with 28-300 mm zoom lens
Every so often I catch myself skimming ebay for "portable" medium-format film cameras systems like the Mamiya 6 or the Bronica rf645. Then I remember I don't have anywhere to build my darkroom and I've already got a bunch of undeveloped rolls from my 'blad, Mamiya C330, and old Kodak Vigilant Six-20 (fun fact - you can re-roll modern 120 film on old 620 spools).

Oh, and then there was the recent phase where I was checking out old Soviet knockoffs like FED and Zorki Leica clones and the Iskra medium format folders. (the latter I've almost bought on several occasions, but skipped for the same reasons as above...)

On the digital side - a Panasonic LX100 (to replace my aging LX7, awesome for concerts without a photo pass), and I've almost convinced myself to dump the big Nikon and make the leap to one of Fujifilms offerings but I'm dithering between the XPRO2 or the XT2 and in reality it'll probably be the successor to one of those by the time I make a decision.
Sony A7r mkIII
Need I say more?
This camera eats other cameras. Downside, it's around 3 grand and sony isn't going to sponsor me any time soon.
Fujifilm x100F
It's compact , provide great image quality , amazing color science
Make it greats for street photography.
Always wanted a Leica. The M10 has been chosen previously, but I wanted to add the silver version. And I'll take the 35mm1.4 lens.

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I love the M series. I can't wait till they release an M10-P.
When pigs fly!
Hasselblad H1D, but in all likelihood they will release a 100MP model at Photokina with the new Sony sensors so it doesn’t make sense to buy now
Hm....digital I would most probably go for a Fuji Xpro and a pancake lens, as wide as possible xf18mm.
Otherwise I would love to have a nikon D750 since I already have a collection of lenses for nikon.

On the film side I would love a mamiya 6 medium format + replace my very old rolleyflex. On 35mm a Leica m6 although I amvery happy with the nikon f100, last one is a beast!