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VERTAGEAR on Massdrop

Hey Massdrop!
We’re Vertagear, a company built to facilitate your extended lounging. We realize the market may be saturated with chairs poised for the hardcore sitter, but we’re confident in our engineering capabilities to leap above the fold. Has your back been feeling a bit sore lately? That’s what we’re here to remedy.
We’re excited to announce our first drop in your community. Check out our PL6000, the chair designed to support up to above average heights and weight. Its fully padded, bolsterless seating leaves your body unrestricted and allows you the freedom of comfort. Paired with our nestling frame crafted to reinforce healthy posture, the PL6000 keeps your body from aching after hours of sitting at your desk. The chair is also designed to give a wide range of adjustability and comes equipped with tools to accommodate your personal preferences, from the common height adjustment lever to the ability to change the angle of your seat and recliner.
But ergonomics is something all chair manufacturers boast about. We’re not here to only sell you on the comfort level of our chairs; we’re taking gaming chairs beyond that.
The PL6000 is adorned with perforated PVC leather and a bigger base, leading to a significant boost in durability. PVC leather is substantially more resistant to the peeling issues often experienced by users of chairs with PU leather, and the perforation includes the benefit of improved ventilation to keep you cooler. The bigger base is built to support heavier usage, so don’t be hesitant to fall asleep on the chair!
The ingenuity of our chair exists in multiple layers, and one of our most innovative features comes in our original and simple assembling method. It’s quick and easy for a single person to put together our chair. No need to struggle with your chair before or after it’s assembled.
We believe that the chair you spend hours on daily is just as important as the comfort of your bed. Which is why we’ve engineered the PL6000, a chair that’s not only comfortable, but flexible and durable as well.
Thanks all and we look forward to any questions or comments you may have! Our drop will go live tomorrow morning, February 17th @ 6am PST.

Team Vertagear

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