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Fat, gaudy watches.

Not all men (or women) have tree stumps for wrists. I am curious as to why almost every watch on massdrop is oversized? I haven't seem anything slim or sleek pop-up. Something less than 12mm thick for the case is what I consider slim.

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I believe thickness and diameter are problem these days. Watches are getting larger but I don't see people's wrists growing that fast (unless I skipped evolution class completely... :) ). I would love to see nice slim pieces like Oris Artelier Skeleton for instance. Is a thin, mid size, beautiful automatic piece, swiss made and mid price range. I am still sorry I didn't buy one years ago when in Switzerland, as that thing is beautiful and it fits my "girly" wrist :)
I'd love to see a pocket watch or two as drops. I have a deformed bone in my left wrist, and it's uncomfortable to wear a wrist watch.
Here's one: 1959 Hamilton Lakeland. 33mm.

Me too on preferring watches under 40mm. I don't have thin arms, but I wear a 32 sleeve, and 38 is as big as I'll go. I have some old Hamiltons (like the auto in my profile) that are 33.
I wish more makers would offer 36 or 38.
It seems to be the trend as of lately to have thicker cases and more complications. A lot of people have been buying fashion watches to get a thinner watch. Are you talking about thickness or diameter?
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