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is massdrop bugging out?

so i attempted to join a drop, i have received an email saying have joined the drop along with paypal notifying me of the transaction yet it does not show up

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No need to spam the forums.
It looks like you don't know how Massdrop works. Massdrop contacts a company expressing interest in a product and they'll get some sort of deal for it. They'll forward that deal to us here and we 'join' a group buy. We wait until the 'drop' period is over, which is when you'll be charged and they order the items from the supplier. It's shipped to Massdrop where it will be forwarded to you.
The Bulova drop still has 3 days left. It sounds like you've joined the drop so when the 3 days have passed, you'll be charged the 229.99 plus shipping and expect your watch to be shipped on the 14th of March.
Hey jeffa, hows it going I understand how it works what happened is even though I joined the drop it did not show up as I had joined said drop along with it not showing up in the transaction listing, so I think massdrop is bugging out ( ie not showing joined drops, any posts made at the time came up with errors reason why there may be multiple posts by me regarding the same issue a)
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