Dec 4, 2018

What Video Camera is The Best For My Budget?

Been looking for a DSLR camera that is good for both taking video and pictures. I've been looking at the Canon T6i and Nikon D3300, because of the price. I will gladly take up any recommendation on any cameras, as long the price range is between 500- 1000 dollars.

If Video AF performace matters to you Canon is the way to go. In my opinion the controls are better on Nikon cameras. Go try them at your local camera store, hold them and see which is the best for you.
Canon 80d, it has great video capabilities and it also takes awesome photos. If the 80d is too much any of the canon rebel series are good starter cameras.
Thanks for the comment Adam_salikin! By any chance, is the Canon 80d good for beginners? I'm somewhat new to DSLR cameras.
The canon 80d would be a great starter camera, it has a full auto mode to use until you learn to shoot in manual. It has 60fps video if you want to do slow motion. Canon is also relatively easy to use. Another good reason is that canon has lots of high quality, inexpensive lenses like the canon 50mm f1.8 and canon 10-18 mm. Canon auto focus is also considered the best on the market. Good luck with future photos 👍