Feb 21, 2017

Need a good audio solution

I have two computers as my audio source. I want to be able to combine the digital audio outputs from both computers into a single one so I can feed it into a DAC/AMP in order to output to either headphone OR speakers(uses RCA input) and be able to hear audio from both computers at the same time. Is there any elegant/inexpensive way to doing this?

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Hi there

You can switch between optical connection using an optical switch. https://www.amazon.com/ViewHD-TOSLINK-Digital-Optical-Switcher/dp/B00G188Z7A you could then use an optical to rca converter if needed.
Combining the signal could be tricky with a digital source. You could do it at the analog point with something like a mixer but tbh it's a lot of work maybe someone has a better way for you.
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I am considering getting this: https://www.amazon.com/rolls-MX51S-Mini-Mix-Mixer/dp/B0002BG2S6/ref=sr_1_39?ie=UTF8&qid=1487736027&sr=8-39&keywords=audio+mixer
to mix the two inputs and then output to a AMP that can switch between outputting to RCA or headphones. I don't really know if the mixer of this price will affect the sound quality.
Hi there

Looks good the reviews seem pretty good I can't see it being a huge difference sound quality wise. If you buy new and don't like you can always send it back.
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