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Community Mega Thread: Beauty

Beauty is a huge community of passionate individuals and we already have good examples of these on places like Reddit and private forums. It’s the kind of community with the basic traits we all can recognize in ourselves as enthusiasts. A strong desire to find the qualities of what makes something the “best,” an intense curiosity into the components/ingredients, and a deeper understanding of how they work. This community actually has a history on Massdrop and was once present on the site a few years ago by working with the users of /r/MakeupAddiction. At the time we encountered many obstacles in the makeup industry when we went to try and get products for the community. This time, however, we are taking a different approach. We’ll be starting with Asian beauty products with a focus on Korean and Japanese products. Instead of makeup, we will be focusing on skincare products before slowly moving into other categories in Beauty. To get this going, we’re working with the community over at /r/AsianBeauty to find the most desired products. How can Massdrop help members interested in Asian Beauty products? There are several ways we think we can help with Asian Beauty products:
  1. Get the products: We are already talking to vendors in Korea and Japan to source the products we have seen talked about excitedly in this community.
  2. Eliminate the language barrier: One of the key focuses for us is to remove the difficulty and ambiguity that currently exists for a lot of people. We will work to provide clear descriptions of the products and ingredients such that it is easily understood by everyone in the community along with any newcomers.
  3. Provide support: We focus a lot on working directly with the community and listening to them and want to make sure that the community is getting the products that they want. We are available through Customer Support channels and also have discussions on every ‘drop’ where you can interact directly with us and your fellow community members.
  4. Provide samples for testing: There must be some brands/products that you want to try and test, but did not want to take the risk of buying. We want to provide members of /r/AsianBeauty with the samples for testing so that they can review them and help the community learn. We also want to help as much as possible and plan to help with product testing such as pH with hopes to someday be able to verify ingredients.
  5. Share insights about Asian Beauty products: We’d love to create educational content with all your help so that we can show members from other communities what Asian Beauty products are about. We are also working with YouTubers and sending them different samples to test so they can make videos that help introduce new products and/or educate new and existing members of the community.
We are very excited about this community and have been working hard to make this a part of Massdrop. We’ve created some polls for Asian Beauty products for the community to vote upon and express their opinions.
UPDATE (April 7,2017): Beauty drops will begin next Wednesday, April 12.
UPDATE (Mar 17, 2017): Beauty as a new community will launch in 'Beta' starting March 24. It'll be released with only the 'Talk' and 'Polls' tabs so we can get community feedback on products. We will start launching drops later and we'll keep everyone updated throughout the process.
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Tibit, Debbie, and 92 others

Alwats looking for good, effective products. Please have high quality ingredients in them. Some places buy the HA serum at labs that aren't good. I like European products made from different oils and when they are pure oils pleas explain they aren't based on fragrance. Look at classic brands like Clarins. L have dry, mature skin. I love almost everything L'Occitane makes. when skincare was just moisturizer I used he Caswell-Massey products such as Orange Ater to cleanse my skin. I've bedn using their Rose water to cleanse my skin. There are many friends from Getmany and. Italy who ate used yo using arose Watee from the Supermarkey thete and we can't find a thing here similar except C-M and LATHER products. I lk,e the apothecary products. Anothrr thing I'd like is void affordable shampoo. The stuff in the drug store is detergent. Then you jump to very expensive products. I'll bet the community has found something good.
Then i I adore perfume. St disappeared. Can you find the classics from Patou and. Caron. The hard to find petfimscwould be nice. I'm talking Dayton evfor yhe most part like Scapa and the unique Vacances. The original Normqndie isxsobwearable for men and women. There wa another great summer cologne called Caline. I wish I cold remember who made theses. Then the Nuit de Noel was a classic violet perfume. None of these are the heavy ones that smell terrible on some people.
The he whole perfume community s searching for yhe original L'Interdit and Fleur dIntersot.
Simply bring in Chanel #5 from Europe. The lunkheads mixed it with a not hard alcohol in 1990. It grounds me during mgraines. When it comes to mindfullmrss, this is a way to do it. And the big tubs of talc with the fluffy puffs were fun.
And nd I love new products. Bring me a day hand cream that lightens hands and ill be happy.
Devices steva gtesy watvto ar to save menu. Can you get the tris eye laser? The Mia 2 Smart with accessories?
I've been using Shaan Honq hair products for a while now. Their SH-RD line is great.
I have been using Asian products for over 3 years now and I just love how they improve my collagen levels have increase, fine lines have diminished, black head removable masks are working very well. Also, I have been using a Derma Roller tool(s) to keep the wrinkles away and my neck tighten.
Vegan and cruelty-free brands that aren't tested on animals, please! http://www.crueltyfreekitty.com/ultimate-guide-to-cruelty-free-makeup/
And Kevin.Murphy for hair products!
Yes please! Hydrate me now shampoo. Hollywood style lather!!! Great smell
So damn excited about this!!!!
Please can you put known brands?
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John frieda
Thank you!
Sunscreens please! Summer is coming and everyone in the community is obsessed with sunscreen. They come in such small bottles that it would be great buy in bulk at a discounted price!
Agreed! Especially the Biore sunscreen R/AsianBeauty is constantly raving about
Quick update for everyone. Beauty drops will begin next Wednesday, April 12.
Korean / Japanese beauty products would be great. Make-up brands like Etude Houde, Mizon, Clio, Biore, Kate, Shiseido would be great. \o/
Aside from make-up though, I think seeing drops for cosmetic contacts (colour lens/circle lens) would be interesting to see.
In addition to offering AB products, cruelty free products would be really nice too.
Promise me that you can offer a book or twelve regarding makeup application. Too man women don't have a clue what they are doing. Contour makeup can be sexy.
I feel that there's alot of hype for limited edition collection that are available in Japan and Korea but are difficult to, or if limitedly available to purchase here, super overpriced. One of such examples are collaborations with Disney.
I see. This is interesting. We'll take a look. Thank you.
L'Occitane products please! Their creams especially!
I just want good quality makeup.. No drugstore brand.
Would like to see lots of sheet masks, and maybe even hair products?
Hi, I have a small indie brand Glam-it! Glamit.com and we have a skincare infused makeup compact filled with modules of makeup that are vegan, organic, DIY.
Are you suggesting it as a community member or are you a vendor? If you are a vendor could you please create a poll and also reach out to us at vendor@massdrop.com?
pleasee add affordable products you cant get in my country like from physicians formula, morphe, colourpop
I love this concept! I'm excited to see this start.
If I can make a recommendation or two:
I'd like to see full set drops. E.g., Skin Food Gold Caviar full sets.
I'd also like to see random samplings of sheet masks, not just one brand if at all possible. Or if it has to be one brand, as many different types of masks they have available in one drop.
I think this is a great idea
I'd love to see Amore Pacific on here.
On the Asian beauty side (though actually, this would apply to beauty lines from any country) I think individual Asian beauty products aren't too hard to get now. I'd be more interested in:
*Bulk buys e.g Biore uv watery essence. Though depending on the product that may not make sense. *Complete sets of some of the themes/collaboration lines such as the Tony Moly Pokemon make up set, or the various Etude house lines. *Sets of all colours of a product. If you could get sets of the various Peripera lip inks/tints at a reduced cost, that would be amazing. *'Try these different options'/'world tour' sets: e.g. deluxe sample sizes of a variety of different toners/moisturisers/foundations/bb creams. Aimed to let people tryout a wide variety of options. Especially with bb creams/foundations where it can be hard to find a good match. *Brushes (e.g. hakuho). Good brushes are expensive.
Niche fragrances would be awesome!
I would really love to see SK-II products on here!
This is so exciting. What about smaller companies that do AB products, like Holy Snails? https://www.holysnailsshop.com/
Someone should reach out to Chell and see if she could keep up with supply for a site like this or if its worth it for her to sell in bulk. Logistics might be tough for an indie company like this.
Very excited. :)
I'm very excited! My primary concern with Asian beauty brands is the lack of color variety, particularly for bb and cc creams and cushion compacts which I adore. I'm Asian, and I happen to love live a sub kissed golden look. The darkest shades in most Asian brands are too pale for me even in the winter. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this concern.
Another vote for mixing indie & major brands, please! Most of us that are into AB are pretty over the typical cutesy TonyMoly lineup (the Panda eye gels, peach hand cream, etc) you see popping up in Western markets. Curation is key, just ask Memebox. 😏
Yay! So excited.