Feb 23, 201756 views

What's a good modular Backpack?

well, the only nice one i've seen is the Kelty PK50, bu what I don't like about it is that it's modular for ONLY Kelty products, and that's not cool so come on throw on what your favorite Modular backpacks!

I just made an external frame out of curly maple and utilized the Molle2 waist and shoulder straps from the military. Now I will be making my own essentially dry bag or ultralight backpack with webbing to strap it to the frame. I am going to make a smaller pack as well for day hikes and that pack will roll up and stash in the bigger pack for basecamp trips. In doing my research obout modular pack systems, I found a couple companies who make them, not including Kelty. Kifaru was one and I can't remember the other. Both the ones I found were big money though which is why I started creating on my own. The Kelty is pretty cool though!