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What's the PC I could get for 300-500$?

can someone please tell me I need good adv

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Right now, with the RAM and GPU prices, your money is better spent on a decent used rig. I won't reiterate the aforementioned channels to watch, but your local Craigslist can be useful if you know what to look for. Also, keep an eye on E-Bay, Heatware, and other sites that sell used PC components.
If you must go new, you could always get an I5 or Ryzen build going with that budget, and then wait out the GPU issues by either dealing with an IGP, or snagging a used GPU.
Edit: I did not notice how old the OP was. None the less, the information I posted is relevant for anyone looking to buy or build a PC in 2018.
Watch tech yes city and check out his budget build
Well there's tons of computer that are below 500$, but also keep in mind there is a limit to how cheap you can go for the best performance. I would recommend budget build youtube videos from popular tech reviewing and building channels like Linus Tech Tips or JayzTwoCents.
I would get a P55 or H55 Mobo (example: ASUS P7P55D-M) Pair it with a xeon processor(x3480) its basically a older i7 and get some ddr3 Ram I would Oveclock the heck out of it and get a good graphics card.... Motherboard used or new on ebay, $55-100... Processor on ebay $ 14-40 And say 8 gigs of ram... That would be a great pc very capable Pc for under 200 and would take anything u threw at it with a decent graphics card $300

Now Personally i would .... Intel Xeon E5-2670v2 , 10 core cpu on ebay, $ 125- 225 Motherboard: ASUS X99-A $90-130 on ebay (its got the m.2 for a fast s.dd) (Only downside atm is ddr4 is pricey but so is ddr3 so......) Rx580 on ebay ATM $300 so they are comming back down in price!
So at that price without a case or power supply or hard drive which i bet you could source out very cheap locally your around 600 With a super fast P.c, Really decent card and about 8 gb of ram SO GAME ON ;)
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i dono if there exactly unlocked... but p55/h55 motherboards overclockable forsure... 3450, 340, 3470, 3480 would be a 4 core 8 threads 8 mb cach @ around 3.8 to 4.3 GhZ
They are not unlocked. You are referring to a base clock over clock versus a multiplier over clock, and those generally only yield mild results while remaining stable.
Get used older gen stuff
look up how to build one there are tons of tutorials on youtube
build one
At that price range, it's not a lot for a pc or buy unless you build one. Best choices are mini form factor PC. Since you prefer to buy one, take a look at the Intel NUC, it's a good mini form factor choice around your price range since you never said what its for. I'm guessing this is just for daily use and browse.
I've use them at my work place and they're very capable.
Where are you from?
Buy some sort of steam box and install Windows on the hd
Building a pc is your best bet if you want quality
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Watch a video on youtube, its not hard you don't have to know things about motherboard construction to build a computer, its more like putting Lego's together than being an electrical engineer and if its a space constraint get a form factor case, but if you buy one have to just search around and look at threads describing what you are looking for and not to mention know the hardware inside of it.
Building is much easier than you think and there are plenty of guides.
do you build a pc or you want to buy a pc
Buy one
Please check out @Senzis recommendation. It's one of the few sane ones offered. I've been gaming for over 20 years so have a lot of experience, and if you don't want to build your own his recommendation is the best. Plus you're likely to get some kind of warranty if you purchase a prebuilt rig.
This is actually the exact route I went with my son's first PC so he could learn to game and upgrade the rig before his first actual build. If you do get curious about building however I'd be happy to give you a budget recommendation and point you to some good reference sites.
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