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Whats The Best Keyboard Massdrop Has Sold

What do you think the best keyboard Massdrop has ever sold I'm leaning towards the plank or the ergo dox, but that's just me how about you?
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The best keyboard Massdrop has sold? The VE.A. I can't think of another board that has passed through this site and has become so coveted and elusive at the same time. The VE.A:s are *scarce*. They don't show up in the aftermarket often and when they do they are insanely priced. It's my impression it was a solid quality product that also offered something unique. And it looks damn nice.
As you can see, the answer to your question is a bit complex. Clearly some keyboards are significantly better than others, but which is the best depends on a lot of factors. In the end it all comes down to a matter of opinion.
now it's the ALT assuming it will be similar to the K-Type in feel, but the GMMK is a really close second.
How can you put the GMMK next to ALT? It's like placing a Yugo next to a Porche 911.
The whitefox keyboard is still number 1 for now, waiting for the GMK C70 and see how that feels
I'm still waiting for the redscarf III to return
For casual use, the MiniVan. For productivity (coding, technical writing, etc), the Infinity 60%. I may be biased since these are the only keyboards I've actually bought from Massdrop, but I haven't bought any other because I'm so happy with them!
tough call, I'm a user with pretty wide preferences since I worked on almost too many layouts I've been pushed.
with massdrop's sale here for the best, I'd picked Infinity Ergodox or the RS96 both for their functionality and size.
k-type is pretty rad, I dont use mine as my daily driver but its fun to bust out every once in awhile
The Ducky Shine 4 Special Community Edition.
That will be Bluetooth Poker 3 with swappable switch sockets (https://www.novelkeys.xyz/product/kailh-pcb-sockets/) used by Input Club K-Type when it's made, a classic evolved. I say make it bare-bone (no keycap, no switch) to keep the cost reasonable, giving users freedom to use their favorite keycaps and switches. I can buy several of these if it's made.
Actually, Bluetooth is optional but I threw it in there since new PCB design is needed.
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What PCBs are the Kailh sockets compatiable with? Those look interesting.
None. These sockets have to be designed in AFAIK.
The TEX Yoda TrackPoint Keyboard for sure
Hard to cap match, but I'd kill for one. It's my most wanted board of all time. I won't buy from this site, as the poor communication as of late warrants caution, but I'd like to see it at some point.
KBDfans75 is pretty smexy. And oddly on the cheap end I'm loving the Magicforce 82. Clueboard66 is also pretty rad.
Can't really say that there is one singular 'best board' since everyone will like different form factors and feature-sets. I know my faves change often.
Nothing yet. Still waiting for both my Planck kit and my XD64 kit.
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Tbh I don't really care about delays, I'm a pretty patient person so as long as the quality of the product is good then I'm good.
I don't have problems with delays, as long as communication is decent.
And the Kinesis got3- footpedals for mouse function as well just like a traditional car makes me think for use in game;)
Harass Oddforge until the VE.A is ran again and offer factory assembly this time around.
Signed: everyone.
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I didn't jump on it because I'd just ordered an Infinity ErgoDox, but man what a sexy board.
Any chance that they make a non-split "variant" of it? It seems close to perfection and the split design is a major feature, but the $400-ish price tag seems steep, especially when you add import taxes and VAT to it.
Let's see how skullY does with the latest drop (Clueboard with the crazy case), then we'll talk.
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I really regret not being able to jump on the clueboard when it was here, but configured the way that I wanted it I think it came out to around $300.
Still, very gorgeous board.
I am very sure it will be the most mint keyboard massdrop has dropped.
Whitefox or Minivan, hope could join the next drop.
Seconded on the MiniVan. I use the hell out of it and it's incredibly solid. Once I found the specialize layout I preferred, it's hard to go back to any other. Also, Evan's layout editor is incredibly easy if you don't want to spend extra time with basic coding. You can also save your layout and load it.
That Oddforge is pretty sexy, though.
I'm glad you like the layout editor! also nice to hear you are using your MiniVan so much, thanks for the support :D
I love ergo dox, can't wait to join the next drop
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I have limited experience with Ergo, did a bit of coding on it when I was leading the site re-architecture project last year. I switched to a pre-release Poker 3 because Kash wanted me to test drive it for a while before we launched it.
I'd have to say they're similar, but different. The Kinesis has the thumb clusters in a *much* better location, making for a much more relaxed typing experience. If the ErgoDox thumb clusters were pulled back (toward the user) about 1U, it'd make things much more comfortable.
My plank has not arrived yet, but I'm looking forward to assembling it and even writing a custom driver for it
Waiting for my Infinity ErgoDox keyboard and JukeBox keycaps ... then I'll have an opinion ;)
Wow, everyone here is wrong.
Obviously it is the 55g 87u.
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this dude knows what's up.
Aye, just picked one up (with PBT spacebars), and I am hoping they run it again soon so I can make both tuxedo and stormtrooper boards by swapping keycaps.
https://www.massdrop.com/buy/infinity-ergodox I really regret not getting on this when I had the chance.
thats ok its super popular on massdrop so im sure it will come back :)
I would say my DSX is awesome and the heft and feel of the case is amazing but i cant work out how to re-program the 4 media keys in the top right .https://www.massdrop.com/buy/dsx-backlit-mechanical-keyboard
you could try https://sharpkeys.codeplex.com/. If you're lucky the scancodes of that keys will be recognized and easily remapped. If not, you can try your luck with try and error choosing by yourself, looking for possible scancodes like these: https://www.win.tue.nl/~aeb/linux/kbd/scancodes-6.html
Good luck
I will say White Fox, as soon as I get it.
EpicGear Dezimator X is best, just look at this beast
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Yeah, only next time don't stack it on the same week as a VE.A drop :-) It was too much all at once that week
It even has a crack and crevice tool built into the front!
hands down the white fox. too bad I was too late to join the drop.
if you go by nothing but packaging, the white fox is the best keyboard ever made. Seriously nothing else I've ever seen comes close to this awesome boxing as far as mech keys go. The massdrop design team killed it.
Assuming quality control was successful it's amazing to type on as well. I got a good working model so I'm happy but it looks like there are some QC issues (as with most small run items anyways). I'm buying a another next drop so I have a TrueFox at work and home.
Certainly the VB87M ;)
Although I still wish we had the VB68M - it's such perfect portable size. I look forward to a fully programmable wireless RGB 68 key in the future.
Thumbs up for the VB68M. I was able to get in on that one with MX greens and its my favorite board. Can't wait to put the Jukebox caps on it!