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What are your favorite Watch/Horology Web Sites?

If your on the discussions here at MD, a big likelihood is you have favorites... What are they, and maybe "Why?"
Mine are as follows:
http://www.ablogtowatch.com (A good general info site for watches
https://www.hodinkee.com (Good website, skewed a bit though towards the ultra hi-end
https://www.rolexforums.com (Best website for Rolex and other lux brands IMO, and a must if you own
http://forums.watchuseek.com/forum.php (Great website for more less expensive mainstream brands
http://www.watchfreeks.com/index.php (another good one for mainstream brands
http://www.watchtime.com (used to subscribe, stay out of loyalty and pretty pics!
Anyone else?
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i just read Hodinkee, Watchtime, worn and wound.
I use Chrono24 to check grey market prices and WUS forums if I need to research something.
I wonder if someone can help me? i have just bought a new Date Just 41 from Fraser Hart. The actual watch diameter does not measure 41mm???? it only measures 39mm as measured just with my ruler. At best it might come close to 40mm given a bit of inaccurate measuring or ruler error. The Rolex website very clearly states the watch has a diameter of 41mm. Anyone?
The DJ41‘s size includes the crown, but the case itself is 39.52. The DJ II was a 42mm with crown, and 40.5 without. Why this is is anyone’s guess though.
grats on the DJ, and welcome to watches
Many thanks for the quick and no doubt very accurate answer. Much appreceiated. Bazaar! the Rolex website definately does not help in the way they suggest the case is 41mm. Hey Ho. thanks again.
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