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Best looking men's watch under 100

I recently got interested in watches, and was wondering if anyone knew of any nice watches under 100. Or if it is just best to buy a more expensive one.

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Just my $0.02 worth, what side of watches interests you? If you are a form follows function kind of guy, or even just someone who likes a clean, minimalistic look, look into a Vostok (not Vostok-Europe although they use alot of the same guts), Russian character (in varying degrees based on styling), 200m depth rating, in house automatic movement, wide variety of cases, bezels and faces and casebacks available, shipped to your door for ~$65. I have a Vostok Amphibian I've worn every day for about 5 years now, never missed a beat. They really are kinda the model T of watches, cheap to buy, tough as nails, and prettymuch no-maintenance. But if you don't like something about it, just go to ebay or the factory site ( and order another, crazy parts availability, just ordered a set of blued hands for mine. Here's a picture of one just like it.
Oh I've seen this slippery-slope before. Shopping for a new watch, keeping it on the inexpensive side. A couple of years go by, and you realize you have about 30 watches with $2800 or so sunk into the entire works. It is a stage many people who have nice watches started with, and we all have to start in some way.
Right now in the sub-$100 range my eyes go to the Timex Waterbury collection. There are some classic good-looking watches in that line and even the MSRP of them are well under $100 for the most part. Quartz movements of course.
Seiko 5 models can be found under $100 yet online. A lot of people start a collection with them. They are easy to flip if you need to liquidate some collection later to buy something more upscale. Seiko diver watches are always an easy resale due to an active enthusiast community.
And let's not forget Russian-made Vostok Amphibia's. Meronom on ebay has been commissioning some nice updated designs to sell. Bigger in size than the past models, and retro-cool styles.
I can say with confidence that a solid watch at or around $100 dollars would most likely be a Seiko, as they offer a lot of quality and bang for the buck. Swatch also offers up some nice, albeit trendy (imo) quartz models, with autos not costing much more than $100.00.
Of course, a bigger budget will start to offer improved movements and features, as well as different materials, with finer finish to the case and bracelets. Your best to go try some on, and get an idea of what feels "right", and a piece that smiles and sings to you. Feel the textures, weights, and subtle comfort differences, and it should help you narrow it down.
Have fun, and welcome to the world of watches!
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