Mar 2, 201765 views

I fell for the hype

I just received the All-Terrain Bone Conductive Headphones that I purchased from they're recent drop. I'm very disappointed in them. They're mainly a novelty in that you can listen to music or whatever and still hear the outside world around you and they have a few major downsides. I found them uncomfortable to wear as the thick ear pieces pushes the top of my ears down and/or out. You can wear glasses using them though. The quality of the sound is mostly all at the high end. You can get a fuller sound with more bass by wearing ear plugs or moving the transducers closer toward your ears but the highs disappear and the bass sounds muddy. Standard ear buds or headphones are much much better as far as sound quality and wear comfort go. And why are all the controls on the left side? I also received them in a box that was twice the size that it needed to be and no protective filling. I wouldn't recommend bone conductive headphones unless you MUST listen to your music and the outside world around you otherwise they're just a novelty.

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