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30% keyboard. "Gherkin"

im super interested in this form factor, and cant find a damn thing about it... maybe possible to start a drop for it?

Antonio Hau, wsjones1981, and 70 others

Update... Spacecat design has Gherkins in stock. and on sale... 20$ ^.^
Oh damn, you did my homework for me. Been meaning to look into this for awhile now. You're a hero, thanks man ^.^
Glad to help. After making this post i also saw that Dilly was back in stock. It's much less of a hassle, and frankly, I think I'll go with this kit. I'll wait a bit though, see if anyone makes a drop for it ;)
I would buy
Gherkin is such a fun board that I'd love to get easily through a new drop.
yep would get
I would get one for sure.
A bit too compact for me, but I hope those who want it find a reasonably-priced way to get one.
Is there a case for this or only pcb? Thanks
I've see people making their own cases, I'm not really sure to be honest
Usually it's actually used with another PCB as a base, I believe. But making a slab of acrylic isn't that much of an issue.
Hey, if you're still looking for one, could you message me on reddit? Same username.
Mother of God...
I would join a 30% drop
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Are there any Gherkins left?
Little keyboard
There's an EU GB happening over on mechmarket until the 23rd.
Don't care about the aforementioned comments. Just start the drop and take my money.
If you're still looking, shoot me a message on reddit, I've got the same username
I built one off of a mini-GB on Reddit. Love it, it's a fun little portable board. Great for turning heads on an airplane tray table too...
Oh come on lol...really? I take it the four arrows are the modifiers and not actually arrows at all, which raises the do you navigate? I assume <- and -> together are the space bar, but the jump from RFV to UJB...just no. :p
This is seriously the dumbest shit ever. I don't understand a number pad, but this takes the cake. There's not even a spacebar or enters key.. like why?
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Agreed, but fact is such an abused word, and is thrown around so subjectively at this point, that I'm hoping people will go back to using phrases like it's clear and obviously instead.
I'm not being a grammar Nazi; I'm just trying to get us to separate facts from friction (as it were).
Nope, that is your opinions. I have a gherkin that I use for work involving word and excel For me, gherkin is convenient, efficient, and smart thing to have.
Someone please make this drop happen!!!!!
Massdrop still hasn't gotten back to me, if you're after one shoot me a message on reddit. Same username.
I don't frequent reddit on a membership basis. Have you got a webpage, asusoverclocked?
For when you want three keystrokes every time you need a semicolon!
At this point it's just silly and pointless.
That is crazy. And I thought a TKL form factor was inconvenient without the number pad.
haha you must be new to this.
I have to add my voice with roshinichi, this is nuts. There's a point where convenience in size destroys functionality. I felt like that line was being skirted with the 60% keyboard.
This one crosses that line and spits on it.
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It is missing a spacebar!
It has a spacekey instead of a spacebar.
Oh I got plan to have this handwired sooner or later. But if an MD drop materialize, I guess I'll just wait for it.
So massdrop still hasn't gotten back to me. I do have some extra pcbs I could hook you up with if you're interested.
this has gone too far...60% is already somehow inconvenient. A bluetooth TKL is the best option for me...
To each their own, I find a 40% ideal
Same, even right now I'm typing on a split planck
Soon we're gonna have a 20% keyboard that also cuts out some of the less common letters.
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Well, if you want to go to extremes, go with a two key keyboard and just rattle off binary.
Two keys will prevent too much fatigue on one finger, just like the pro paint ballers do with the trigger for faster fire and less fatigue.
For the slow pokes they could do morse code perhaps... hmm, two keys for morse could be really fast.
Sad thing is I'm only half joking.
Hey, yeah, ideal!
wheres el spacebar
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I understand the idea, but no function keys. I don't see the draw of pressing v+h for caps lock, c+h for space.... etc.
The most intuitive macro for a space would be pressing the left and right arrow at the bottom center of the keyboard simultaneously, since they've been placed where you'd find a space bar anyway. If mech keyboards allowed for it (which they don't), hitting the up-down arrows two times rapidly would be an elegant substitution for a soft return. LR: once for a space, twice for two spaces after a period; UD: one for a return, twice for a soft return.
Gorgeous; but not sure I could pretend to use the form factor...
100% id buy one.
I've got a poll up, if it succeeds I'll do a drop and if not I'll do a gb on reddit.
I just voted for it because this keyboards crazy!
I've actually emailed massdrop about this earlier today, I'll be doing a gb of the v2 pcb on reddit, and hopefully here too!
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Could you fill out the interest check form if you have a chance?
poll is up, if you want to see it please answer yes!
ive seen lots of them but have never seen anyone selling them, it was probably a small geek hack back in the day. Dont know if it will ever come back though.
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I would be but now with the k-type on the horizon I would rather just spend my money on that
I'm interested. Do you still have any?