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Blue Lagoon - SRPB11

I received my SRPB11, Blue Lagoon, on Feb 2 from Arizona Fine Time, and I love it. I was worried that it might be too large, but that concern IMHO is misplaced. The watch looks outstanding and wears very comfortably. Interestingly It seems to be running about 4 seconds fast every 24 hours. I should add that Arizona Fine Time are very professional, and performed exactly as I hoped.
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Congrats on a super nice watch.... now how about some wrist shots of the Samurai? 😬
If its running a consistent +4, a good watch maker could regulate, though it's still within what's acceptable out the box.
grats again on a fine looker!
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Ahh you've corrected yourself 😊
I put my name down for this to get it at first released but changed my mind as I can get the PADI Turtle at significantly cheaper price. With it being limited edition, does it make it more appealing - maybe a little but not enough to change my mind. Too big or not, it depends on the size of your wrist. It does wear rather big though.
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