Mar 7, 2017100 views

Ohhhh god that's annoying

Hi Massdrop, I now ask you once and for all, make the drops on blades worldwide shippable... Seriously you do ship a damn shovel up to me though can't ship alot of fixed blades that aren't that big at all, so please try to take care of this. Thanks alot your one and only M.B.
dv80421, steve, and 3 others

We'd love to, but it's not up to us - doing this would require switching our parcel carrier for all drops, as we do not have the ability to use multiple services to fulfill a single drop. This would be a massive undertaking, obviously, and we have to consider that 95% of drops are not knives. So we have looked into this before, and we'll continue to look for better solutions, but it's not a simple policy decision. Thanks for the reminder, I will pass along your comments to the logistics team.
Thanks alot Jonas! I'm very glad to be in such a community where everybody is so supportive, I really look forward to see your best guys and wish you lots of luck.
I'd really like to try and set up some condor machetes through massdrop but now I'm not really interested if I can't get any even though I can order them directly.