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I'd love a massdrop on the Searzall - $75 is a bit high for it, but a group buy might make sense. How does one go about requesting a massdrop?
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If you're interested in the Searzall, vote here:
I bought a Searzall about a month ago to use with my Anova sous vide cooker. I keep finding ways to use it. Wish I had a massdrop when I bought mine.
I'm down for $40-50
Yeah, I had the same reaction to the price. I want one, but didn't want one that much. You could start a yes/no poll to gauge overall interest. I think this one would take off after the Anova sous vide drop
Seriously, $75 is gouging. I really want one and would use it weekly, but I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it. I'll naked flame it for now. I wonder if the Japanese have some kind of ceramic coated screen -or maybe, I should find a store that sells propane and propane accessories, I tell you hwat...
I would be interested in this
+1 on that, I'd love one.