Mar 9, 2017

Tenkeyless Brown Keyboards

Currently, I have a Razer blackwidow tournament, from 2012, so it still has mx blues. It's a great keyboard, but it's non-standard key layout is a bit irritating, as I have a keycap set, but can't use the space, function or context keys with the rest of the set. I've been in the market for a brown switch keyboard, as the blues are a bit too tactile. Any recomendations under 70-80$? Ty

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Take a look at the TeamWolf TKL, its reasonably priced with a standard layout. You can source MX Browns like Outemu since this is a hot swappable keyboard if you can't find the keyboard with Brown tactile switches when you look for it outside. You can request it in the meantime since it was a drop on here previously.
Yea, this looks like a great keyboard, but I don't have shine-through key caps. Any non-back lit suggestions?
You don't need to have backlit keycaps to use it. The LEDs can always be turned off. You may want to check deals that fequent on places like Newegg or the such. I have seen people recommend the Redragon K552 around that price point or lower, haven't personally use one.
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