Mar 9, 2017375 views

Time to add GeForce 1080 ti videocard drop :)

Hey, since last year MD been offering MSI videocards. Now that 1080 been relegated to the mid-range products, it's time to introduce 1080 ti in its place, and tomorrow should be the day since it's the release day for this kick-ass product. But please, please MD, don't price gouge, like you did with 1080s at the start, 1080 tis are not THAT hard to get at MSPR.

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I want my 1080ti, bring it on MD
It's here, just wait until nvidia's embargo is over (about 2 hours from now)
I got an email about the 1080ti drop but it isn't there anymore...
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That's true but its still close to £100 cheaper.
Edit: Just did some research, now i see what you mean, Import tax is a new thing to me.
Really? You are lucky UK customs are charging so little on such an expensive item.
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