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Why no musictech/instrument community?


From an amateur violinist whose favorite instrument is electric. Seems like there's real estate here. Amps, specialty sound effects rigs, etc. Even instrument accessories like strings, bows, and picks. These things are not usually cheap and I know a number of people that would be interested in conversations, interesting new products, and drops on some of this stuff.
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As a person who has made a substantial amount of headway in the tippy-top of things physics... from quantum, where a recursive fallback to a binary state where 0 and 1 are both held in quantum.. now able to be called a quantum computer, this state was maintained for a record of 7min before, now the record is equal to the most energy applied among each implemented... could be years. Nano... where seeing people calling things dark were the same people who will explain to any extra-terrestrial visitor exactly why we chose the "milky way" as the name of the galaxy we find ourselves. How they have studied our languages, and not found one reference to something occuring in a "milky way" as a valid activity they would ever partake in. Well dark , like most other energy is transparent and has more to do with polarity than race. All these I can attribute to a understanding of instrumentation, where numbers are used in ways that are yielding seemingly universal continuity. Modular synths are becoming increasingly popular and would make the most sense on a site where typing implements are customized voraciously. Most manufacturers of modular units are the type of business partners that would have a mutually beneficial manner of offering products at a discount to md because they could know that xxx units were spoken for, allowing them to order components with greater accuracy and also have instant user feedback. after saying that and realizing how valid and really a no-brainer it would be in your shoes. I give my permission to use this post in starting with an emphasis on marketing products from vendors that understand time is money and sell quality items from vendors that don't beg the question.. so somehow the best is from china in a timespan where I could sail to china and back, twice?
If there's enough interest they'll drop products of this variety in Audiophile now since they merged Pro-Audio with it.
The reason you don't see any drops is because there isn't enough interest, but you can always post a poll and see if you can round up enough votes to get your item dropped.
There was a pro audio community for a while. I bought stuff on it and would again. Don't know why they dropped it. I mean, allegedly they "merged" it with Audiophile, but that's like when kitchen knives used to show up some times in EDC. Nonsense.
I totally agree, and would love to see some deals on effects pedals and amps. Nice NS Design. I almost bought the 5 string, but instead went with the Yamaha YEV-105. LOVE IT!