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Vertagear Triigger 275 Drop!

Hey Massdrop!
Thank you so much for the great reception during our first drop. We’re back again, this time with our Triigger 275, a unique gaming chair dressed in real premium leather and assembled with over 275 different components.

As you can see, the Triigger breaks away from the traditional style of racing and gaming chairs. Its design resembles that of an office chair, but its functionality is catered towards those who desire simple adjustability and intense use. Taking ease of adjustment into deep consideration, we’ve equipped the two armrests with triggers to customize your seat to your preference quickly and with little hassle.
The Triigger also differs from the standard gaming chair through its sheer material quality. From the superior leather to the high quality mesh and better ventilation, our Triigger line boasts the best in the industry in every category. Comfort is a foregone conclusion, but those not familiar with quality beyond the norm will be surprised at just how comfortable and ergonomic the Triigger actually is. In addition, it’s able to support weights up to 330 pounds, good for the vast majority of users.
The Triigger 275 comes in four different colors: White, black, red and blue. Get the one that suits your gaming rig the most! We’ll see you tomorrow when our drop goes live. Feel free to leave any questions or comments here in the meantime.
Thanks, Massdrop! We're excited for our second drop!

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