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Seeking affordable 2 person backpacking tent for beginners

Hello, I am looking for a cheap 2-person backpacking tent to give to a friend as a wedding gift. They don't get out too much so I don't think it has to be too fancy or expensive but preferably big enough for two people and a small dog. I am currently using the Big Agnes Fishhook UL2 and I like it for the most part although I'd prefer a zippered door.

I started with a REI campdome 2, it was about $100, pretty light, two doors, good height to sit up, and decent low price beginners backpacking tent.
I'm medium build and I find that anything rated '2 person' really means enough space for 2 medium build person with not much room to spare - not even for large packs... so with your case, I'd go 3 person as someone else mentioned.
For someone starting out I'd go with some cheap k-mart tents. That's what I started out as well and my old k-mart tent is till going strong and I now normally use it for the ol' backyard with my kid.
didgeridoo, Unfortunately with a dog you would most likely need a 3 person tent. I have listed three below. The first I cannot vouch for because I have no experience with it but it is the cheapest at under $200, The Eureka Amari Pass 3. It is a traditional tent (rain fly, tent body, poles) and weighs at less than 5lbs. The second is a Kelty TN3 that is also a traditional tent but it weighs in at 5.5lbs. Seems heavy but when split between two its not too bad my son and I frequently use a Kelty Salida 3 (older model replaced by the TN3), a 3 person tent, and we split the burden with no issues. It is also about $299. The last tent is a more ultralight style tent from Six Moon Designs which is singled walled and can be set up with a trekking pole or a pole can be purchased from SMD. It runs $310. I use the Lunar Solo LE as my personal shelter when hiking large sections of the Appalachian Trail and I love it. Sadly, with this one the dog would have to sleep in the vestibule or on top of someone. Hope this helps.
I'm more of a hammock guy these days but you can score some killer deals on tents here: They are currently running an additional 10% off with the code listed at the top of the page. I use a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 when hammock hanging isn't an option... probably not the best tent for 2+ dog. I use it solo or with a SO.