Mar 15, 2017

Did i make the wrong descion? (ath-m50x)

Hello guys. I just started this account and lately iv really been into audio. i have a pair of the audio-technica ath m50x and i got them a few days ago and i love them. my initially though was that they sounded really good. I heard that these headphones were really over hyped. my question is is that did i make the wrong decision getting these headphones? Is there a lot more better options for cheaper or the same price? or did i basically fell into the hype? and also what do you guys think about these m50x , Also what pair o headphones u think is best for me to get next? I listen to basically every type of genre and my budget is around $200 i also game on the side as well. Thank you in advance and sorry for this noobish comment im new to this.

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One cannot have the best in everything, or pick the best choice every time. What can be done now is not to regret the past, but to make the most of the present. Don't worry, the M50x is decent enough! Enjoy them to the fullest yeah :)
Planar headphones need strong amps, and a decent DAC wouldn’t hurt. Anything you buy from a certain price point onwards might need upgrading of your entire chain. Best advice I’d wish I’d received before buying my 1st pair of headphones is buy something I like and could eventually afford rather than something I could afford on the spot. Listen and decide what suits you.
Enjoy your headphones bubba. They’re good as an entry point and tick most of the boxes - durability , rather easy to drive, decent bass, decent comfort ( better if you change the pads ) and value for what you paid etc. Walden seems to have said it all. Beyerdynamics DT 770 are another good pair you should consider in the future. Trial listen future purchases. Headphone preference is subjective.
add 200 (or 4 or 500 for planar) and get those Blue headphones with the built-in amp. That's what i am doing and i have 5 pairs of ATH-M50/M50X's already !!!
That's a decent, trusty headphone you have. Squeeze out its maximum potential by upgrading the rest of your components- such as using it with an Ifi iusb3.0 nano purifier and the O2/Odac combo. You will not regret it! If, after all this, you still feel that the M50x is not up to standard, by all means go for a headphone more suitable for your tastes. It too will benefit from the upgraded chain of components, maybe even more; for they will likely be even more capable performers than the M50x for you to swap to them, and it will be a waste if they were not paired with components that can match up to them. After all, the eventual audio experience is as good as its weakest link!
The main objective in the world of audiophilia is for you to simply find a pair whose sound you like. If it's something you like, who cares about what others say?
Im really enjoying my m50x's right now. However, I do highly recommend swapping the earpads out for velour ones, helps a lot with heat and comfort
do you prefer it angled or flat ?
and do you prefer memory foam or not ?
Audio is all about preference. For me the M50 is too bass heavy and it gets stuffy in summer. In that price range I much prefer the SRH840, or even my ATH-ESW9 since I'm more used to the balance of my T1. But if you got some heavy bass drops or even reggae, the M50 is pretty fun to listen to.
M50 is solid. Since you are new to audio, just enjoy what you hear and make it your baseline.
When you get some money to spend, buy something more expensive. Dont buy things in the same price range.
You will hear and experience different sound signatures but may not be better quality.
But at the same time, they might be better quality.

Still save your money and buy something good some day though.
Just remember, just because there are people who find it shit and stuff, does not mean it is necessarily shit. There are a lot and i say, a lot more people who find it good. Just because people say they are hyped up and are bad does not mean that they are actually bad. Now I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but the people who say m50x are bad are those who have spent quite a bit in audio, and have heard better headphones which is why they say the m50x are bad. Or they are people who instead decide to buy like say the sennheiser 598s and then goes on to bash on the m50x to comfort themselves on making the "right choice". There are also others who just carry on the hate after seeing others bash on the m50x, and who don't even own the m50x. Of course, there are better options at around the same price out there (that part I have to admit), but for that price that the m50x are at, it is a solid option, and not a bad one at all. Sure it may not be the best at that price point, but they aren't anywhere close to how bad some people describe it. I for one would say that the dt770 is quite a good choice, but it is a little bit more expensive than the m50x, considering how you need a decent amp to power that pair of headphones, which would set you back another $100. But people keep recommending it all the time saying how it is so much more better than the m50x at the same price, which i find weird because unless you already have an amp, the dt770 technically speaking would cost much more than a m50x if you want to bring it to its full potential. Also people recommending m40 instead of the m50x saying they are more neutral and shite like that, he wants this for casual listening and gaming, not for mixing and recording, so he doesn't need neutral sounding headphones unless that's his taste, which i doubt so.

tl;dr It's not the best, there are better options out there, but they are definitely solid and good for the price, and you definitely have not made a bad mistake.

Back to your point. $200 is a lot of money and can get you headphones much better than the m50x, considering retail of m50x is $50 less than your budget. If you could, return them and get like the k7xx, but you might need an amp for that to be at its full potential too.
You'll naturally go thru a couple of headphones as your sound preference evolve. The M50 happens to be one of the popular headphones that there's a high chance anyone will own , with no small amount due to the hype. It's a solid choice for headphones in that price range. If the sound is up your alley, which it is it seems, i don't see why any background chatter should influence that. I have one as well.

One incredible headphone you should try is the TH-X00s.
Personally, I love my M50x's. It's a really solid pair of headphones for a really nice price, and with a lot of customization options! You made the right choice
I'm gonna recommend the Philips Fidelio X2 especially if you're a gamer. The soundstage and separation is excellent for this price. And it is easy to drive, not needing a lot of power to sound good, the cable input is standard 3.5mm so cables with a mic is easier to find. The only downside is they're open back so they leak sound both ways but the upside is they provide great stereo imaging to properly place enemies in the environment. Also, they're pretty great for music too.
If you still within return period - you may return M50x and get M40x. Don't forget to mod them with HM5 earpads! :) For gaming and general listening I suggest AKG K7xx. But you will need some kind kind of DAC and AMP for these. Cheapest and very good is Hifime Sabre 9018. Other option is Schiit Fulla 2. Also - if you want to save a lot of money - try Monoprice 8323. They are pretty good and mobile friendly (no amp needed).
It's quite honestly the worst headphone I've ever owned. After going through several sets of different pads, I realized that I couldn't fix this headphone and ended up selling it. There are many better options out there for a lower price. Sennheiser HD 598 is one, and the m40x is better too, ironically.
Depends on the situation.

On the studio I'd rather use DT880s, an open back headphone in a now similar price range. This is for its neutrality and sound stage, not necessarily that I enjoy them more.

For monitoring live I'd rather just use some CIEMs. This is out of your price range.

For listening to music M50X at home without an amplifier and a giant bundle of outside noise, they're great. It's up to your ears to determine they're worth it inn the end though.
I had a pair of m50's. Eventually stopped using them when I bought a pair of dt150's, but they were pretty decent as far as closed cans go.
My opinion and answer to your question is YES.. BUT if you are monitoring in short bursts in a professional capacity the M50 are fine. That is their intended purpose. However if you plan on long enjoyable listening sessions of various genre's for purely pleasure. There are indeed more pleasing and less aggressive headphones to choose from. Hell, even the M40x are far in a way more pleasant and subtle with wider soundstage by default. You add some big comfy pads over the stock ones and comfort and soundstage will increase.

They are what I use to monitor speaker recordings AND what I take out for travel/relaxation on occasion. But not limiting to that pair anything in the "Fashion Can" Range is superior for less stringent pounding accuracy. Audio-Technica MSR7, B&O H6, NAD HP50. Id even consider the Fostex T50rp Mk3 again with a pad swap to more enjoyable AND accurate.